Pickspy @ 5/3/2007 08:32 commented on Boxin'
Great work!
A perfectly fluid animation n_n

Pickspy @ 5/3/2007 08:27 commented on Parrot 8D
Arrg xD el preview me da epilepsia!

n_n muy bueno piña! La verdad es que los colores estan impresionantes

Pickspy @ 5/3/2007 08:26 commented on BOW-WOW
xDD siempre me hicieron mucha gracia cuando jugaba al mario sunshine, al partners in time2, y al princess peach.

: D está curradisimo el brillo de la bola.

Pickspy @ 5/3/2007 08:25 commented on Nerrik Forms Chubby Sprites
Cool! So sweet >w<!!

Pickspy @ 5/3/2007 08:21 commented on Me - Midna
Yes, she's called Midna in the Twilight Princess european version (I think, I have played in the PAL spanish version only).

It's my version in "Midna's type". I love Midna's design.

Pickspy @ 4/25/2007 16:38 commented on Inar-50
Sprite isn't designated by the size of the chests that it has… and that come to comment about the chest of  my sprite, I suppose that it will be fault mine by put here... I'm not offend that they classify the chest of sprite, offends that they say  “Look these, are small :<<< I don't like it only beucase she had a little boobs!!”. Offends that not pay atenttion in the colour sprite or the pose, only in the chest...  Perhaps the sprite doesn't have more parts than the chest.

But I esteem that are people who pay attention to other things like the work that takes to make a pose adapted with the personality of the character, the invested colors, the fusion of the colors, and also the chest, so that not… but that doesn't become the only part of sprite.

Sorry for my horrible english, and thank you so much for the comment ^^!

Pickspy @ 4/25/2007 11:59 commented on Thony :B
Wuw!!! Muy bueno sato ^^.

Está genial. Los colores estan muy bien conseguidos :D

Pickspy @ 4/25/2007 11:53 commented on Inar-50
Uh? Really has left the selout bad? But it's single for preview... the selout isn't present in the full view sprite... u_U

u.u thanks for the comment, and other thing...
"Normal sized chest :<<<"
I'm woman and those commentaries offends the women.

Pickspy @ 4/25/2007 11:16 commented on Innea Avatar
Wii, ^^ muchas gracias!

Pickspy @ 4/25/2007 11:16 commented on Innea Avatar
n__n thank you very much for the comment and the fav.

:D I'm glad that you like it.

Pickspy @ 4/25/2007 08:30 commented on Thony Portrait... pst...
>< no se por qué no te gusta, está muy bien hecho, sobre todo los brillos de la cara ^^!