Pig_catapult @ 11/25/2020 08:32 commented on False Calf

Thank you! :D I've made a bit of an update to the overworld sprites, btw.

Pig_catapult @ 11/11/2020 06:31 commented on Sandy Scarab

eeeeeeeeee Thank you! <3 That means a lot to hear.

And you're right; this generator's exciting, too! I'm starting a prompt board from the promising ones. :D

Pig_catapult @ 11/10/2020 05:27 commented on Capybara

What a wonderfully chonky bean! You clearly put a lot of work into this.

This piece is very noisy. There are a lot of ways to depict fur, but less is frequently more. It's really tempting to try to render every detail you see in front of you (I know I have trouble with that), especially with things like fur and grass where you're representing a whole bunch of things that are individually much smaller than a single pixel, but drawing a few tufts and leaving the rest to the imagination will give a cleaner look.

Pig_catapult @ 11/10/2020 01:12 commented on Capybara

Awww, a capybara bathing <3 This is really cute!

It looks like the main thing you should be working on is shading according to a lightsource. I'm not sure what the green object is supposed to be. It seems like a flat sticker rather than something in the scene. You're also overusing antialiasing around the capybara's face and the corners of the tub; AA shouldn't bridge the whole width of the line segment they're attached to.

Looking forward to your future works.

Pig_catapult @ 11/9/2020 17:27 commented on Ancient vase

Excellent use of texture. I feel like I could reach out and touch it. The highlighted outline on the mouth of the vase seems out of place, though, and the highlight on it doesn't agree with the rest of the shading

Pig_catapult @ 11/9/2020 17:23 commented on Shell

Instant fave. It really pulls the eye in to the focus.

Pig_catapult @ 11/5/2020 23:18 commented on Just a slime

When shading an object, there's something called a terminus, which is typically about at the "equator" of the object relative to the lightsource, after which the shadow ceases to get darker. It may even get lighter if there's some reflected light from the surface behind it.

Pig_catapult @ 11/5/2020 23:15 commented on Bruce Lee Punch

These two frames feel very disconnected, and I think that's for a few reasons:

The motion smear on the hand in the second frame isn't following from the hand's location on the first frame. It's not enough to have a smear coming off of it; the smear needs to carry the watcher's eye from the form in frame one to the form in frame two.

His feet are both in completely different places in both frames. In real motion, one of his feet would serve as a pivot point and should be in the same place.

The second pose also disagrees with your line of action. You're moving from the right towards the left. You don't go from the position on the right (wide stance, towards the left, ready for a lunge) to the positon on the left (narrow stance, facing camera,  over-the-shoulder backhand) in the space between two frames.

Pig_catapult @ 11/5/2020 22:53 commented on Octobit 2020 (day 17): Space Sheep

I'm always down for some sheep in space, but the legs aren't in line with the head and the way you marked the contours instead of shading makes the body look flat and like it's been shrink-wrapped in shiny bubble gum. The light source also isn't clear (the shadow on the sheep's face disagrees with the highlight on the helmet). Getting some shading practice would help you improve a lot.

Pig_catapult @ 11/5/2020 22:45 commented on Hit

Creative, but not showing much control of form in anatomy or perspective. The man's head is at a three-fourths angle, is back is facing the camera head-on, and his legs are at a different three-fourths angle. Doing some anatomy studies with photographs may help you build your skills.

Pig_catapult @ 11/5/2020 17:52 commented on Mushrooms

These guys give me life. Great job, and I love how you used that purple.

Pig_catapult @ 11/5/2020 03:36 commented on Spooky creatures nš1

Was so delighted by these designs that I didn't notice they were upscaled.

Pig_catapult @ 11/4/2020 05:21 commented on I made this cuz I'm dumb

This is oekaki, not pixel art. You need to show control on the level of individual pixels for it to count.

Pig_catapult @ 11/4/2020 05:16 commented on Neonix *unfinished

I love how much fun you're having with dither texture here. 6/5 stars

Pig_catapult @ 10/21/2020 01:06 commented on Alchemist Frog

That's so cute!

Pig_catapult @ 10/21/2020 01:05 commented on Bloody Werewolf

Great job on suggesting texture! Only complaint is that the head seems kind of small in proportion to the rest of the body.

Pig_catapult @ 10/21/2020 01:03 commented on A wild werewolf appears

Do you mean that the restriction was fitting the character into a 32x32 square like the preview? Cute little guy!

Pig_catapult @ 10/20/2020 03:26 commented on Hive Sweet Hive

Beautiful twinkling! I think the hive could stand to have a little shading, though. It feels very flat as it is now. The cute little flowers are a nice touch

Pig_catapult @ 10/20/2020 03:23 commented on memories

She's pretty! Good effort on those roses, too, and I love the sky. Unfortunately, the character has a lot of anatomy issues. Her shoulder is smaller than her eye while her knee is almost as big as her torso. It's also pretty unclear where her spine is meant to be, but the angle her train meets the back of her arm suggests a very sharply curved one.

I wish I had that blouse, though.

Pig_catapult @ 10/20/2020 03:12 commented on Possession

Gives me chills! Five stars

Pig_catapult @ 10/19/2020 19:34 commented on Happily ever after

Good use of your limited colors!

Pig_catapult @ 10/19/2020 19:28 commented on Anthony Davis portrait art painting

Oil painting and pixel art are very different media, and require different approaches. I'm afraid you won't get very far on this site by continuing what you're doing in the way you're doing it.

In oil painting, there are no color limits. You can blend and feather colors any way you want. No two locations on the canvas need to be exactly the same color.

In pixel art, it's the opposite. "Pixel art," in both its general usage and as it's used on Pixel Joint, refers to art that follows a certain set of rules and principles. Pixel art does require precision, and you have that down, but it also requires efficient use of color. Next time, see how far you can get with one color before you switch to the next one. I admire your dedication and would love to see you succeed here.

Pig_catapult @ 10/19/2020 05:34 commented on Aisukurimu

The upper and lower halves of her body don't fit together. The anatomy just doesn't work. Nice booty tho.

Pig_catapult @ 10/18/2020 21:21 commented on Anthony Davis portrait art painting

You're still not showing a passable control of color count. You have over 2000 colors in a piece that calls for fewer than 20.

Pig_catapult @ 10/17/2020 20:27 commented on Magic Cat

Great character idea! Unfortunately, your shading could use some work. You're pillow shading, and your two lightest grays are very similar. This makes the face feel very flat, and the green and orange lights feel like lines of puffy paint. Adding a drop shadow is actually emphasizing the lack of dimension or consistent light source.

Don't give up! This piece is very creative and has a lot of potential.