Pixelator @ 6/9/2007 08:39 commented on Big Bird
Happy B-day Lar!

Pixelator @ 6/8/2007 09:01 commented on Big Bird
Hey Ens, do you think you could make a progrem, that when you open pictures in it, it would scramble them together and make them a background.

You make single pics, scramble them and have a desktop background?

Pixelator @ 5/24/2007 09:09 commented on Red Fuse - Snakebite
Now that is sweet. 5/5 + Instant Fav'd

Pixelator @ 5/23/2007 11:17 commented on Big Bird
When i try to look at a pic in the gallery, it says page cannot be found. FOR EVERY IMAGE!!!. Hmm, somethings's up!

Pixelator @ 5/21/2007 13:00 commented on Tiki Footy Kit

Taki Tiki Taki Tiki Hoo Ha!
Their National Anthem =].

Great :P

Pixelator @ 5/19/2007 14:47 commented on Moneymoneymoney REDUX
Very good shading, smooth animation too

Pixelator @ 5/14/2007 10:50 commented on The sad fat pink Monkey
This peice looks a little weird to me, but thats what makes it unique. And the pallette does it justice

Pixelator @ 5/13/2007 08:16 commented on Tablecloth
There we go Jalonso, i have updated it

Pixelator @ 5/13/2007 07:53 commented on Boulder
Simple yet effective. The detail is very good

Pixelator @ 5/13/2007 03:15 commented on Angelique
Truly Amazing. I love the shadow, Instant Fav'd

Pixelator @ 5/12/2007 07:30 commented on SLEF PORTRAIT
Instant fav'd. Great pic

Pixelator @ 5/11/2007 14:42 commented on Pixelator Avatar
This is awesome Ilkke. Thankyou sooo much :P

Pixelator @ 5/11/2007 04:50 commented on Good Tablecloth *Weekly Challenge*
I deleted the other one because it wouldnt update. So i re uploaded it

Pixelator @ 5/10/2007 09:03 commented on My Unglued Avatar
I purely adore your work, wish i could pixel like that! Fav'd

Pixelator @ 5/9/2007 07:49 commented on Table Cloth *Weekly Challenge*
Illke, what do you mean by "Is it a GOOD cloth?"

Pixelator @ 5/6/2007 01:32 commented on Fossil ^___^
I forgot to post "He Was" =].

Pixelator @ 5/4/2007 09:13 commented on Ganondorf bust
This is a truly amazing headshot of Ganondorf. I haven't really played Zelda much but if i had to pick out of people to make a character i would pick you!