skamocore @ 1/1/2021 16:20 commented on Faces in palettes 3

Looking fantastic, as usual. I think I preferred the WIP Björk shirt. Also, it would make more sense to list Princess Nokia as being EGA, given that CGA implies you're using actual CGA 4 colour restrictions.

skamocore @ 12/7/2020 17:08 commented on Big Bird I have to enter a specific date that I got into pixel art??

skamocore @ 11/28/2020 17:55 commented on I is for Invisible Ink

SPOILER for people who don't wanna be a detective.

skamocore @ 11/11/2020 01:19 commented on clones

Can...can I use the Libyan flag from 1977-2011?

skamocore @ 11/3/2020 00:03 commented on Big Bird

At first, I was interpreting that as you useing a Genesis controller to make pixel art...

skamocore @ 10/28/2020 02:22 commented on Skeleton warrior

For some inspiration, check out this challenge from a decade ago.

skamocore @ 10/24/2020 16:38 commented on Big Bird

Oh, I missed it. congrats, Jinn :D

skamocore @ 9/18/2020 07:02 commented on Pet 10 - Chihuahua


skamocore @ 9/14/2020 11:22 commented on Pet 08 - Cat in Bag

This is a great idea for a challenge. I'm gonna consider thinking about making something.

edit: actually, nevermind. Unless I'm mistaken, this is the entire palette you have to work with:

skamocore @ 9/12/2020 04:17 commented on Big Bird

Crystal Caves "HD"

I just wish it looked that little extra bit better. It's definitely an improvement over the original (mainly because of the palette), but there's also still a bunch of shitty-looking things - like this dinosaur chap. The strawberry looks good though.

skamocore @ 9/8/2020 05:48 commented on Big Bird

Oooh, some of my best friends like things that are fun!

skamocore @ 9/7/2020 06:26 commented on Holy Fucking Shit

I love it.

skamocore @ 8/20/2020 05:37 commented on Big Bird

Yeah! Look at all those countries on the front page.

skamocore @ 8/16/2020 20:14 commented on Big Bird

Um, the viewer doesn't work anymore, but I guess this is proof I'm not crazy.

skamocore @ 8/16/2020 09:48 commented on Big Bird

The Flash-based image viewer had an individual frame viewer built into it.

skamocore @ 8/15/2020 20:30 commented on Big Bird

Fun fact: PJ used to have that exact feature a decade or so ago

skamocore @ 8/14/2020 04:41 commented on Big Bird

Oh, hey, there's an article here too now

skamocore @ 8/14/2020 01:44 commented on Big Bird

RIP Russell Kirsch, inventor of the pixel.

skamocore @ 8/8/2020 01:42 commented on Big Bird

Hm, I have heard good things about the PixelJoint server :P

skamocore @ 8/6/2020 18:59 commented on Big Bird

I'm forever in a state of Discord server-joining anxiety.

skamocore @ 6/20/2020 01:15 commented on Big Bird

Pretty sure it was 5 per person per day. Also, I remember when I was a mod, it, um, kind of ended up being a bit of a flexible number when someone had submitted a lot of things in a day...

skamocore @ 6/17/2020 01:52 commented on Big Bird

Remember the old challenge icons?

skamocore @ 6/15/2020 01:12 commented on Big Bird

Similar thing in Opera

skamocore @ 6/14/2020 16:59 commented on Big Bird

Well, that was a quick turnaround...I was kinda expecting this to take three months or something...

You know, thinking about it, it kinda makes me annoyed we didn't do this favicon thing earlier.

skamocore @ 6/8/2020 17:54 commented on Pixelween entry no. 1
Just a quick contrast adjustment because the original is pretty washed out.