GingerStu @ 8/5/2007 14:43 commented on Isometric Lamborghini Murcielago
I got a DD  for my Nelson's Column piece last week and I've had over 2500 views and 150 favourites since (most of those in the first day). It was a great buzz to see my DA account suddenly get a massive influx of visitors. :)

GingerStu @ 7/9/2007 02:18 commented on Auto - engine oil
Thanks all!

GingerStu @ 7/8/2007 04:18 commented on Walter-ina (Big Lebowski)

" Forget it, Donna, you're out of your element!"

Hehe nice one SedgeMonkey! Perhaps you could do "The Dudette" as a companion piece for this :)

GingerStu @ 7/6/2007 08:59 commented on Cactamus Maximus
I LOL'd!
Very funny

GingerStu @ 7/6/2007 05:13 commented on Lord Nelson's Mega Cannon
NapalmSquid: Thanks! Yeah i agree, after fixing the exit  flight on the pigeons I made the same mistake of having them fly back in too quickly and all at the same time. I think I need to randomise their movement more, slow them down and try to stagger them too. Funny how those damned birds have been the most difficult part to get right!

GingerStu @ 7/2/2007 11:29 commented on Lord Nelson's Mega Cannon

Thank you everyone! I've been completely bowled over by the response to this, very gratifying since I spent virtually all my waking hours this weekend working on it (And no lie-ins!).

CircleOfTheDarkOnes & AdamAtomic: I totally agree that the animation is too fast at some points, some extra frames, especially on the pigeons and elsewhere (the Lion's flashing eyes should be the speed shown in the preview image) would have helped smooth out some of the jitters, but I kinda ran out of time and steam towards the end.

I wanted to do the reverse transformation at the end too - the column reforming, the statue reloading and the pigeons returning. Perhaps I'll come back and add those some other time (Is that allowed with Weekly Challenge pieces?).

HawkEvil: Yeah, the background in preview was an after thought. Perhaps I'll try adding it if I have the chance to revise this piece. 


GingerStu @ 6/5/2007 11:18 commented on NES shooter mockup

I find the text and icons quite difficult to see. I think you could afford to make them slightly taller and maybe a different colour to contrast against the background. That would make them much more visible and raise the feel of the whole piece. Apart from that it's cool! Reminds me of Cannon Fodder

GingerStu @ 6/5/2007 11:10 commented on Smile Set
Would be cool to see some of these animated! 

GingerStu @ 6/5/2007 11:02 commented on 2yr @ PJ
Awesome Ens! There aren't enough Zombie-Ninja-Pirate-Cowboy-Astronaut-Trainers on PJ!

GingerStu @ 6/5/2007 10:59 commented on Forest Tree Monster ...

Brilliant, can't wait to see it moving!

(Btw, the WIP link didn't work for me, I had to paste the address into my browser to see it.)

GingerStu @ 6/5/2007 10:57 commented on That wasn't here last night...
Great stuff! The expression on her face and the mug made me laugh!