notactuallyevenjake @ 7/25/2016 12:29 commented on Simple Style

I think North Korea would be fitting for this challenge.

notactuallyevenjake @ 7/9/2016 08:14 commented on telebotties

"create at least two alternate colour schemes or outfits for that character."

Atleast 2 and i have 2. No need for third

notactuallyevenjake @ 7/2/2016 05:13 commented on Big Bird

I'm pretty new here, and i made a pixel art for the weekly challenge, which i think looks pretty cool but for some reason it has been "AWAITING APPROVAL" for days with no comments about what is wrong with it.

This is the link to it

If there is something wrong with it please tell, i would like to get it to the gallery before the weekly challenge ends.

notactuallyevenjake @ 6/29/2016 02:18 commented on a cat


notactuallyevenjake @ 6/27/2016 23:37 commented on a cat