KeFF @ 4/20/2008 13:54 commented on Gitter
Here it is!

KeFF @ 4/16/2008 14:18 commented on Sausage Tribesman
Oh! Great animation! I think the shine in the "head" should move a bit?

KeFF @ 4/12/2008 10:28 commented on Gitter
We are gonna finnish our pixel video (the one that i've been working with my girlfriend almost 6 months now) on friday, so just you wait! It's gonna RAWK!

KeFF @ 3/30/2008 02:40 commented on Mega Glory Galaxy Fortune Fungi
I just noticed your great pixels, and this one is my favourite! exelent!

KeFF @ 3/26/2008 02:04 commented on Afterparty / End titles
haha. Thanks you all. especially ui :D

KeFF @ 3/23/2008 07:18 commented on MÖRKÖ (Unfinished)
Komeeta kerrassaan!

KeFF @ 3/13/2008 03:24 commented on Backround for special attack
Thanks for the comments!
I think i really can't do any cool previews, must be because we're on so much hurry here.

I'm showing the images to you slowly because, it's kinda pain in the ass sometimes upload pics here, and they get much NPA etc. comments. So i'm not sure if it is really worth it. Because "again" we are having rough deadline and the might be some color etc. mistales that makes the art NPA, and it's not that bad thing in the final animation. Nobody will notice it, so we are not so strick about that, and some other things..
And would've uploaded this pic here, animation or not. I see no point why it would not be here? Because it is abstract?

Jalonso, it's not a game, it's animation inspired by games ;)

KeFF @ 3/13/2008 03:13 commented on Graveyard zone backround
Ok, i'll try to explain everything now :P

Jalonso, i think the dull blue shade makes sense, because the whole image should be kinda gloomy slimy and dull, this is the scene where the characters just walk pass the backround and the focus should be on them.

Is the preview so shitty? :( i'll upgrade if i reupload improved version of this.

Black outlines on everything is just the style of the animation ; )

and 102 colors.. thats true, there's some mistakes, and they should be fixed if we have time. These kinda things happen when you do something in a thight deadline..

KeFF @ 3/11/2008 04:28 commented on Keff RAWR!
Thanks! I think the text is in wrong place, maybe i fix it...

KeFF @ 3/11/2008 02:18 commented on Mushrooms
Black outlines is for the style of the animation

KeFF @ 3/11/2008 02:17 commented on Dkstr speaks about the brain
Oh yeah the table is in the wrong perspective, it will be fixed!

KeFF @ 3/11/2008 02:16 commented on Keff RAWR!
Thanks! Thanks!

KeFF @ 3/11/2008 02:15 commented on Bigger Dkstr Walking
Oh my gawd, he is scrathcing his ass, haha, i didn't even notice. The hair is kinda badly animated, but this for a short scene in animation, so i don't mind it just now..

KeFF @ 3/11/2008 02:12 commented on Bigger Keff Walking
theguy, i'm just trying to get something funny from every animation.

Darth, if you are not being sarcastic, thanks :)

KeFF @ 1/16/2008 07:17 commented on blubb
Great pixels, but little too fast i think?

KeFF @ 1/16/2008 07:16 commented on bps lava lamp
WTF! What is happening here. hahah. great piece.

KeFF @ 1/15/2008 12:31 commented on Keff / Sleepjumping *WARNING! NUDITY!*
He's nude, because... I don't even know, i just started doodling :D

And i wont chance the preview, cause b00bage is what i wanna peoples to expect, and when they start drooling they see  le little wiwi. HAR HAR HAR!

KeFF @ 1/5/2008 03:19 commented on Keff / Videovalvontaa
Damn! It's not a tongue, it's a beard..

Is it really that bad?

KeFF @ 1/3/2008 01:20 commented on Dkstr / Walk
Thanks thanks :)
I think i have to upgrade the old ones..

KeFF @ 12/23/2007 09:50 commented on SavePoint Christmas Card
Hyvää Joulua :)

KeFF @ 11/28/2007 08:01 commented on Starwars
I thought the text said: join the dork side :D:D

KeFF @ 11/18/2007 11:11 commented on Cd Covers - MHC
NPA can be found here . Download also the great songs :)

KeFF @ 11/18/2007 03:04 commented on Keff / Walk
Animation is wonky because the character is a zombie. If i understand wonky right.

KeFF @ 11/18/2007 03:02 commented on Cd Covers - MHC
I already removed the one with the gradient txt, etc.
Do you mean that this is not pixel art neither, and i should remove it?

KeFF @ 11/17/2007 14:52 commented on Cd Covers - MHC
I understand, yes :)
The bright colours are because they are bringing the micro / chipmusic feeling in there, and i think the text needs to pop up there a bit, because it is a cd cover :).