l3m0n5 @ 12/26/2008 21:30 commented on Pug
I can't describe how awesome this style is. It's just so simple and yet so elegant. If Anti Aliasing was a online rpg game, you'd most likely be a lvl 6 ga-zillion at least. Keep it up and Merry late Christmas.

l3m0n5 @ 11/5/2008 20:40 commented on Still Just Fruit
this is just ridiculous. I love the style, everything just looks so smooth. And i really like the interesting take on shading the bottle and glass light reflection.

l3m0n5 @ 10/28/2008 09:04 commented on Planetar Afro
I cannot BEGIN to tell u how much I am loving this piece right here man. As an African, I cannot seem to get afros outta my head. And you just made the slickest mother of all afros. Keep it up.

l3m0n5 @ 10/28/2008 09:01 commented on Exia

Stop it. STOP PROGRESSING AND IMPROVING SO QUICKLY OPACUS!!!!! Just take a breather and let us catch up. :D In other words, excellent piece. I'm actually loving the way u did the highlights on the ridges and edges, usually if I tried something like that, Hatch would say my addiction to rim speculars was back but you definitely pulled it off nicely. Keep it up man.

l3m0n5 @ 9/25/2008 18:42 commented on Jesus
wow, very nicely done actually. I love this jesus mang.

l3m0n5 @ 9/15/2008 18:44 commented on Trioculi
Oh my african boogers! Thats madness right here man. The contrast, the subtlety, the texture, the presence, all perfectly calibrated to the tee. I love it. It looks like it was a pain to make and for that i thank you. Fav times a thousand. I can't get enough of those highlights in the hairy texture of the monster. It's just so tasty to my eyes. :D

l3m0n5 @ 9/12/2008 13:48 commented on Meta Challenge 03 - Lazy Kat
lol i love the cat's expression.

l3m0n5 @ 9/10/2008 15:55 commented on Big Bird
@Lollige: Oh tee hee it aint my site, i was just reading an article about the LHC and it directed me to a blog with a comment that had the site link and i thought id share it.

@Monkey'o Doom: lollers im lookin at it right now. It's pretty funny that we've come to the point where people don't think twice about putting special hidden comments within their html. Kinda reminds me of that notpron game. Never did get to the last page on that game.

l3m0n5 @ 9/10/2008 11:55 commented on Big Bird
In other OTHER news, we've all got a 1-in-50 million chance of watchin' a black hole suck us up into nothingness when the LHC actually starts colliding the particles.

Until then, we've at least got THIS site to let us know.

l3m0n5 @ 8/14/2008 19:47 commented on Big Bird
damn Micheal phelps is a beeeeeeeeeeast in the pool this olympics. GO CANADA 0 medals so far but hopefully we might get 1 before its all over. WOOOO!

l3m0n5 @ 8/13/2008 13:07 commented on Guess Who
i dunno if those stray lime green pixels near the bottom left were intentional or not but.........AWESOME style. It's a movement.

l3m0n5 @ 8/11/2008 17:58 commented on Big Shit
haha awesome. The purple ambient light really makes one wonder what on earth could be bright enough to be a second purple lightsource.

l3m0n5 @ 8/9/2008 20:58 commented on dude, get yourself a notebook!
Don't we all skeddles, don't we all. Very well done tomic. As usual, i knew it was yours as soon as i saw the preview pic. I'm totally loving the wavy fog. You put so much form and defintion into them.

l3m0n5 @ 8/8/2008 18:29 commented on Ummm
wow im def liking this man. Nice job. Most people don't dare to use the bottom-pointing-up light-source.

l3m0n5 @ 8/8/2008 10:51 commented on heart in a bottle
Nice tongue texture. :D

l3m0n5 @ 8/4/2008 20:15 commented on IRobot
I love a lot about this piece. The colors and so calm and yet well contrasted and the lighting just seems sooooooo realistic. Well done Fool, well done.

l3m0n5 @ 7/30/2008 10:19 commented on Squid Idle
dayum loving the style of this piece. Moar Moar BD! SmOOOOOOREz!

l3m0n5 @ 7/28/2008 12:50 commented on Just anotha' Glob
thanx guys. all i can say is......IT'S GOOOOD to be back.

l3m0n5 @ 6/19/2008 18:18 commented on Bot Gent
Oh wow this is beautiful. What a refreshing and tasty style :D

l3m0n5 @ 6/16/2008 04:15 commented on Scratchy!

Yeah, the simple shading style and well done AA make this piece just beautiful. Faving hard

l3m0n5 @ 6/6/2008 20:46 commented on Penguin Carrier Firing
YAY! Rank 15!!! Listen here Leel, we wont stop till It's RANK 1 !!!! WOOOPAh!

l3m0n5 @ 5/20/2008 18:22 commented on Diablo
unbelievably well done, especially with 16 colors, color conservation is one of my biggest weaknesses but you've got it down to a tee. Well done pain.

l3m0n5 @ 5/20/2008 17:52 commented on Big Bird
This place is starting to flying babies.

l3m0n5 @ 5/20/2008 06:05 commented on Adorned Fist
Fool's still alive and kickin'. And congrats on the collab win guys.

l3m0n5 @ 5/18/2008 08:48 commented on Vista palette fun.
Im actually lovin this. Just cuz its random i love random pixels. (not random stray pixels, mind you; just random pixel art) :D