castiboy @ 6/2/2013 16:08 commented on darther - pokemon sprite

Thanks for the compliments.
Please don't use my sprites in your rom (or in anything).
I can't help you with your project, but good luck!

castiboy @ 7/3/2010 07:47 commented on Burntusk

sure, but it'ld break the dynamics of the pose (did that make sense?)... the trunk shows the movement and flow of the body and head... or something. :)

castiboy @ 6/9/2010 16:00 commented on Tangrowth!

i get what you mean about it being over detailed, but the lack of the detail (or rater the excessive regularity of the few details) make it look a bit too much like fur/whool...

it's hard to make it obvious those are vines without at least showing some disorder in there (but maybe yours had its vines combed just before battle :P )

castiboy @ 6/9/2010 02:35 commented on Could you scratch my ear? - Weekly Challenge

filthy pig!

loving the detail, loving the colors.

those feet are indeed weird in there but i didn't even notice them before i read the description.

castiboy @ 6/8/2010 04:18 commented on Tangrowth!

i like the pose, its left arm is a bit confusing though, is it pointing its hand towards us?

also i think the whole "spaghetti" look could be improved, if you check the official sprites  (1) (2) you'll see it shows much more detail.

castiboy @ 6/8/2010 04:13 commented on Burntusk

Reo: really? i was under the impression it was the other way around, this being one of my best fitting designs... (oh and, btw, 3 pokemon sprites in my gallery aren't actually my designs).


uz101: hum... i think i got the pose rather well, maybe didn't give it enough of a neck (if at all), but i think the misleading part is the visible chest under its trunk and tusk... shouldn't really be there.

castiboy @ 6/5/2010 13:51 commented on Burntusk

yes, thanks, from time to time.

castiboy @ 6/5/2010 10:09 commented on Burntusk

thanks. the idea wasn't really original as this was meant as a half revamp half redesign of a friend's fakemon, which didn't work out too well, so these became a whole new concept.

there is a stage 2 but it didn't turn out as good as this one so i've gotta redo it eventually.

castiboy @ 6/4/2010 14:08 commented on ink pot

thanks.the bottle is meant to be full (as is the reference object i used... which happens to have a white cap), but i was indeed lazy on the glass detail there.

thanks for the references, i'll keep this in mind for an eventual edit or any future similar PA i do :)

castiboy @ 6/4/2010 14:04 commented on gentlemen of good fortune

well it was rushed, as i said i almost missed his birthday so i do admit i could have done a far better job on this. i didn't really know how to stylize the text at the time so that's why i went for something simple.

as part of it being produced in a rush, i couldn't get a good looking skull and crossbones so i included SF's jolly roger sprite that's part of his username (that seemed a good idea asit's intended as a gift for the man himself). here's the original, as you can see little was changed.

SF obviously has no issue with it since he's even using this as his avatar but i do realize it might be a bit of an issue here. should i remove it?

castiboy @ 6/3/2010 12:04 commented on grapil

gee thanks, which reminds me, this one was heavily edited a few weeks ago, so i'm updating with the new version.

castiboy @ 6/2/2010 03:41 commented on Fortress world

me gusta, pero como que quedaria mejor con color en las lineas (y AA de paso).

castiboy @ 4/2/2010 06:08 commented on Wave

needs no background, it's awesome as it is. gotta love what you made of the opposing waves, and the sea textures are great.

castiboy @ 1/5/2010 11:39 commented on Dead Mazai & rabbits

kickass rabbits. great designs you've come up with., would love to see more of them animated.

castiboy @ 12/29/2009 10:41 commented on pokus - pokémon sprite

i appreciate the compliment, but no, you can't show it on youtube. this is my intellectual property and i don't want anyone showing it around with a bunch of other "collected" images, even if given credit.

also notice that youtube's video quality is a terrible choice for displaying indexed and pixel precise quality images like sprites.

castiboy @ 7/31/2009 15:07 commented on SMLL LFT 4 DD

holy eff sharkie why was i not informed of this? gotta lov'em.

but yeah, zombies need improvement. you also need to finish the set!

castiboy @ 6/23/2009 04:28 commented on Team Fortress 2D

that's sweet. awesome job man ^^ going in favorites.

(only thing, maybe the soldier on top could be reloading or something, as not to be so similar to the one under... but it's sweet nevertheless).


spy sappin' mah duck!

castiboy @ 3/22/2009 12:48 commented on RPG base characters

i didn't sprite racial traits, just made 4 different palettes to be used if needed during character creation.

as for the faces, well, that's too bad :(

castiboy @ 2/6/2009 10:18 commented on Tooth Fairy Prison Camp
sounds great, but it still wont let me login to the forums with my gallery account :(
unless the problem comes from the duplicate useless account i made back then that, even if disabled, still exists.

castiboy @ 1/11/2009 13:41 commented on BoOoléAn
there may be too much in there, but it's too much "awesome". man you've got skills, and this is damn impresive. gotta love the clouds, the grass, the rainbowy colour changes, the textures, the shading, the colours... etct. etc.

castiboy @ 12/30/2008 09:00 commented on Pug
gotta love that expression and colour palette :D

castiboy @ 12/6/2008 17:01 commented on furax-64
just freaking freaky

and cool ;)

castiboy @ 10/3/2008 09:06 commented on Neo Rustbug
really digging the new paintjob here, the more vivid colours are great.
great detail and animation there, goes to favs :D

castiboy @ 10/3/2008 09:02 commented on to be... or not
thanks, glad you like it. i went for the "not grey but grey looking" and it worked pretty well indeed :D

castiboy @ 9/20/2008 10:49 commented on Trioculi
sweet detail, awesome idea composition colours etc etc, that is simply amazing. and you did manage to get a really smooth uncontrasted image. as fawful already said, it does look like some incredible water colours or a similar effect.

even more i mean, and
*adds to favorites*