BlingShyne2 @ 1/17/2008 11:17 commented on Talattartatar

ilkke. You're the coolest.

BlingShyne2 @ 12/1/2007 10:25 commented on Pixelation Mobster Boss

His head looks like the arch of a foot.

Great job though!

BlingShyne2 @ 9/22/2007 11:11 commented on The B.o.B.( The BEHEMOTH of Burden)

This is a GREAT great piece and will definetely be in next months top 10.

Only thing though, is the way the tip of the structure comes out of the picture, the outlining is a little off.

Only problem I see, other than that, OUTSTANDING!

BlingShyne2 @ 9/5/2007 10:48 commented on Eurochart panel

The red flower is definetely not pixeled, it looks as if a few random "blocky" pixels were thrown in here and there to give it a pixel look.

Who knows though... Maybe he's just a pixelgod.

BlingShyne2 @ 9/5/2007 10:43 commented on Children of the damned

As a piece of art, it looks awesome, but no matter how long you have been pixelling, there is no way this was done from scratch, with pixels, in half an hour.

[EDIT]: On another note, I am never one to accuse of someone faking pixel art, but the "half an hour" thing threw me off.

BlingShyne2 @ 9/3/2007 11:22 commented on BABAROOGAAA! - spookygranny!
Wow that looks really great, has my vote definetely.

I think I just babarooga'd in my pants.

BlingShyne2 @ 8/21/2007 18:46 commented on Big Bird

Yeah paint is just too simple and plus it starts up as soon as I click the icon. Not only that but having only one color choice at hand instead of 2 (right click/left click) just makes me feel dirty and cheap.

Paint rules.

BlingShyne2 @ 8/13/2007 07:53 commented on Rust Mesa

Everything looks awesome, the thing that kicks the most ass though are the two shadows on the right of the tip of the pile.

Awesome shit dude!

BlingShyne2 @ 8/10/2007 08:47 commented on Cherry Tart
Looks good, but take the preview out of the preview pic, since its so small you don't need it.

BlingShyne2 @ 8/10/2007 08:11 commented on Burning_Sunrise(panorama)
This is awesome, I'd suggest taking the title off of the picture though, It seems out of place to me, but other thanthat this picture is incredible and a favorite of mine.

BlingShyne2 @ 8/8/2007 00:41 commented on The hanging gardens of Babylon
Really great looking stuff! Favorite!

BlingShyne2 @ 8/6/2007 11:05 commented on Dessert God
Aren't all crotches wierd?

BlingShyne2 @ 8/6/2007 11:04 commented on Legend of Iya. Bearos walk cycle.
This is incredible, I would lose my mind. Faved.

BlingShyne2 @ 8/6/2007 11:01 commented on Inkytarrr.

I like the lighting! Ilkke rules our avatars asses.

BlingShyne2 @ 8/6/2007 11:00 commented on iTrip
Haha! Good stuff!

BlingShyne2 @ 8/5/2007 13:46 commented on Ilkke Madness

Dude this is crazy, everyone here has the same fad.

ilkke, your a genius. Does anyone else wish MSPaint had a 3x3 brush tool too?

BlingShyne2 @ 8/5/2007 11:03 commented on Ilkke Madness

Yes you should have seen earlier versions of it when it was more coiled. And brighter.

And with corn.

BlingShyne2 @ 8/5/2007 09:42 commented on Big Bird
Hey guys check out my avatar, I'm starting a new fad. Don't believe what that ilkke character says.

BlingShyne2 @ 8/4/2007 19:34 commented on the hanged
Such a cheery piece! Great job!

BlingShyne2 @ 8/2/2007 13:43 commented on Moonlight Parade
Holy shit, this is great. faved fo sho.

BlingShyne2 @ 8/1/2007 12:34 commented on Battle in the depths
This looks really really great! Only one thing though is the lighting on the sharks teeth looks a little odd, maybe to much and too bright, but other than that this one has one of my votes!

BlingShyne2 @ 7/31/2007 11:49 commented on An Experimental Avatar (can you tell?)

It took me a while...


BlingShyne2 @ 7/30/2007 09:57 commented on Ford GT90

My first award! Joooooooooooooooooy!

I knew Framin was gonna win, awesome work man!

BlingShyne2 @ 7/30/2007 08:01 commented on Zombies
Dude! It's so simple, but I love it! Favorite!

BlingShyne2 @ 7/29/2007 15:42 commented on Big Bird
Dude yeah, I pay $20 a month for Clearwire. Good, fast, cheap and about 1,000,000 times better deal then what they're sticking you with.