panya @ 3/16/2009 03:36 commented on Louis Wain cats

Thanks, people! 3 again, hooray! =)

panya @ 3/12/2009 00:52 commented on Quest

Despite the small glitches that can be seen if you stare real long and hard at the joints... the overall effect is amazing, and the animation looks perfectly solid. You're my hero =)

panya @ 3/6/2009 08:13 commented on Louis Wain cats

Thank you, iLKke! His creative development is both fascinating and scaring me at the same time. =)

This link should work


panya @ 3/4/2009 01:36 commented on Louis Wain cats

Tadashi: thank you. I thought about that, but decided it would be a mess. =)

panya @ 3/3/2009 14:32 commented on Louis Wain cats

Thanks! I almost went nuts myself while pixeling it. 8)

panya @ 3/2/2009 08:13 commented on Shizayats`s belly dance

motuwe! 8)

you are my best friend foreva! 8)

panya @ 2/20/2009 04:06 commented on Shizayats`s belly dance


it looks better on dark background.

and red eyes...yes. he is evil! =)

panya @ 10/3/2008 06:25 commented on King Tarsier
Thank you all!

panya @ 9/4/2008 02:03 commented on Made in...
Thank you all. I`m glad you all have as much fun as me.  =)

2Darth Mandarb: It`s hard for me to write descriptions. My english is not very good. =)

panya @ 3/13/2008 04:25 commented on Pixel Art Challenge: Album Cover Art
People, you are so mean. It seems you don't want here anyone who really can draw and has an accurate eye.

panya @ 2/28/2008 02:52 commented on American Gothic
thanks to all!

Kobun:  Sure the wife sprite has to be there, but I don't have much free time. Maybe I'll do it later.

b2k: I've run out of colors. =)

panya @ 7/16/2007 04:37 commented on wild boar
thank you. =) background is there so you can see the white speedlines. maybe you're right, and it wasn't necessary

panya @ 7/11/2007 23:20 commented on shizayats
I didn't know green fur and red eyes were such a popular fashion trend among rabbits. =)