Dangerism @ 4/25/2010 11:58 commented on Sonic mobile remake

This actually looks better than project needlemouse. :O 

Dangerism @ 4/2/2010 22:07 commented on My Avatar

I disagree with Khoryl, for anime standard that fits well. Need some definition on the neck though, it seems to disappear into the back with the rest of her hair..

Dangerism @ 3/31/2010 04:40 commented on Bunny Gal!!

Kawaii! The ears seem like they're stuck to the back of her head though. 

Dangerism @ 3/30/2010 13:16 commented on Nue Got a Scythe?

Zettai Ryouiki grade A. :D 

Dangerism @ 2/27/2010 12:08 commented on Nice doggy

Ahaha, a few colour swaps and it'd be Suwako of Touhou, complete with a frog.  :D

Dangerism @ 2/20/2010 01:10 commented on Shinai


Dangerism @ 2/18/2010 10:18 commented on Mechanix Girl

Takziah buat En.Fool sekeluarga. 

Good bye Jessica.


Dangerism @ 2/18/2010 10:13 commented on Blue Soldier F

Right, edited out the Jay Leno chin.  Also fixed her mouth position.

Dangerism @ 2/18/2010 06:29 commented on Grossly Adorable

I like the style. Cho-kawaii~ 

Dangerism @ 2/17/2010 10:24 commented on IE filter test

Manupix: Actually, it did work in your shot. Just that it was showing the more visible image instead. What you can try is to resize your browser window around a bit and it might alter where the dither starts.

Here's a shot of the two images you might get depending on where the dither is: 

Dangerism @ 2/16/2010 13:00 commented on IE filter test

It's an old Jedi apanese trick, open this page in IE. Select the picture with the mouse or using CTRL+A. The watermark in the dither should now be visible. If that doesn't work, try resizing the browser window, as this trick requires precision on where IE's selection dither should start. I also experimented on scrolling the browser, which will move where the selection dither starts to be drawn. If you scroll carefully, you can alternate between a clear shot of the ponytail girl, or her bunny mode.

The thumbnail is the actual version, her blush shouldn't be visible in the hidden picture. The forehead and rabbit ears overlay are also too visible in the blown-up version.


Dangerism @ 1/20/2010 03:51 commented on Kap - Run Run Run

 I agree with shibumi about the arms.

Dangerism @ 1/4/2010 22:21 commented on Touhou-Kazami Yuka


Dangerism @ 1/2/2010 20:37 commented on Sketchy face

 How come everyone is missing the OP failure... new  mega-failure: Final Fantasy XII?

I thought 12 did okay, even though the story wasn't as good as the previous FFs.

Dangerism @ 11/29/2009 09:43 commented on Stuck

Looks great and will get my vote. My suggestion would be to reduce that tragus and show the note's head peeping out a bit from the hole. 

Dangerism @ 11/13/2009 00:21 commented on Deadly Slug - Coloured Creatures Challenge

Whoa awesome colouring! 

Dangerism @ 11/13/2009 00:19 commented on Catgirl in a swimsuit


Dangerism @ 10/24/2009 10:01 commented on Supah Mario Brudas...

 I wish the Mario series stuck to 2D... uh not in the Paper Mario sense.

Dangerism @ 10/24/2009 09:57 commented on Wayward Vagabond

Interesting style, might want to try something like this myself. 

Dangerism @ 10/24/2009 09:56 commented on Shroom Forest

 Crop out those funky things on the left and right, and you'll get a really cool picture.

Dangerism @ 10/24/2009 09:54 commented on Cyborg Charlie Got a New T-shirt

Love the dithering. The art makes screams British to me, is it? 

Dangerism @ 10/24/2009 09:51 commented on sushi avatar

Mmm, looks like a good time.

Dangerism @ 10/24/2009 09:48 commented on Godzilla

He's got a really charming smile. :D

Dangerism @ 10/24/2009 09:47 commented on let's play

I like the composition. A little wonkiness on the head anatomy as well as the lower legs. Interesting style. 

Dangerism @ 10/24/2009 09:43 commented on Tiny Cat Running

Wow, you remember Alley Cat? I hope you can draw the room with the big cheese. ;)