Reo @ 3/5/2023 11:27 commented on Simon Belmont

No I get that but just looking at Mykar's gallery I couldn't get it to make sense when Vierbit got 120+ faves for a single piece. But I see now that one single user faved 200 Mykar pieces. No shade on Mykar at all who is a terrific artist I was just confused to as what was going on. 

Reo @ 3/5/2023 09:26 commented on Simon Belmont

How is that possible? Mykar didn't submit anything for january and I don't see how it could be true for february either? 

Reo @ 1/28/2023 04:31 commented on marble statue study

Nice example of dithering and tight clusters working together.

Reo @ 1/28/2023 04:29 commented on The King Crab, Captain Claw

The textures and colors of the claws are just lovely!

Reo @ 1/28/2023 04:27 commented on 38x38 Characters

Great stuff! Love the fish, lobster, croc and griffin & golem most but they're all good!

Reo @ 1/28/2023 03:19 commented on That's a lonley old town

Still the king. So much to love!

Reo @ 1/24/2023 12:48 commented on Big Bird

That is just for the black metal live shows. 

Reo @ 1/12/2023 07:30 commented on lildude lase 02

I also don't think this is appropriate, for all the reasons Eishiya mentioned. 

Reo @ 1/11/2023 12:07 commented on Rapid Produce Dating Simulator

Wow that is a really cute family tradition! Crazy how good your spritework has become!

Reo @ 12/31/2022 06:09 commented on Secret Santa 2022

Absolutely no idea why that would be the case? :0

Reo @ 12/30/2022 02:37 commented on Secret Santa 2022

@Gawrone: Lol you're too kind dude! 

@everyone: Thanks so much! 

Reo @ 12/30/2022 02:37 commented on Secret Santa 2022

@Specialmin64: So glad you liked it <3 and of course the giftee has the correct idea of how to open the box :D 

Reo @ 12/30/2022 02:35 commented on Secret Santa 2022

Sven, what?!

Reo @ 12/26/2022 08:12 commented on Il Gobletto

Lovely piece of controlled chaos! I'm a big Rock Progressivo Italiano fan as well. Blue Phantom, De De Lind, I toremii, Semiremis...etc!

Reo @ 12/26/2022 08:04 commented on Secret Santa 2022

Whoah sick!

Reo @ 12/26/2022 07:48 commented on Secret Santa 2022

Mindblowing stuff! Thank you so much, I love all of it. Merry Christmas<3

Reo @ 12/20/2022 16:13 commented on Merco

Excellent month, feels like most of these could've been shuffled in any order. 

Reo @ 12/10/2022 07:21 commented on The Baron

Fascist* philosopher.  

Reo @ 11/28/2022 11:23 commented on Big Bird

@Green: I don't run the discord! I just linked you there. Neat, murder mysteries seem "hot" lately.

@Eishya: Been meaning to give that a go for a long while! That and Ginger Snaps. Need more werewolves in my life. 

Reo @ 11/28/2022 02:56 commented on Big Bird

This is getting tiresome Green and it pains me to see you keep acting this way. 

No amount of wallowing or lashing out will bring back people that have moved on (mentally or physically). And I feel in you this self-destructive urge, that you can’t bring yourself to move on, so you’ll flail out, stir shit until somebody makes the decision for you.


Nobody has been given more leeway in this community. To submit troll-pieces, rage-delete things or fuel on drama. Yet I do remember just talking to you, normally, in the chat & irc.

And that was nice. That can still be nice. That is what its going on in the Discord. 

But you gotta ask yourself, what am I bringing to this community? If it isn’t pixel art or to chat, what is it?


People like me and Hapiel have been around alongside you on this site for 15 years. It is very possible to be part of this community, to enjoy it and grow from it but it does require treating the people here, new and old, with respect. The same respect you have been given, tirelessly, by the mods and users here for over a decade. 


This feels like talking to a void at this point.You seen any good movies lately? 

Reo @ 11/26/2022 01:42 commented on Simon of Prozzšk 2

I'm in!

I like: Retro Tokusatsu creatures, leather+spikes+chains, secret rooms, ancient statues of mystic origin, wizards, crustaceans, tiles, swords n' sandals fantasy, otherwordly atmospheres, bizarre demons, funky & chunky robots & mechs, colorful knights, Moebius.

I dislike: Realism, chibi art, animal cruelty, sexism, dragons.

Reo @ 11/25/2022 04:13 commented on Chill Camp

So vibrant yet readable!

Reo @ 11/21/2022 03:16 commented on PJ Stamp: ISO

Snake, Foolx2, Helm, Jaeden, Raynoa, Lief? Tight as always!

Reo @ 11/21/2022 03:10 commented on 140522

That is an...interesting...crop you got going in the preview lol.

Reo @ 11/17/2022 02:05 commented on Mountains

You got a lot jpg noise in the preview. Nicely clustered clouds.