Goba @ 9/9/2016 00:53 commented on niss

Wow, this really was inspiring, for me as a beginner it really is astonoshing, to see what hard work, determination and creativity can do for someone, i hope i'll be half as good as snake in like 10 years. It was an very intresting interview. Snake you are a big inspiration for me and i'm pretty sure for almost everyone else in this community!

Goba @ 9/9/2016 00:35 commented on Arcade Ahri Skin

Wow, this is very well done and detailed! o: Thumbs up!

Goba @ 9/8/2016 05:13 commented on My Avatar

Sooo, if the change the background, it will be uploaded, or should i change more, like less highlits in the hair etc. ?

Goba @ 9/8/2016 03:54 commented on Big Bird

Oh, there is a chatbox? Neat-o!