Yuushia @ 5/17/2018 05:50 commented on bat girl Wing dash

No problem !

Yuushia @ 5/17/2018 02:18 commented on Vincent

There are too much colors, probably a lot of duplicate :)

Nice take on hue shifting on his armguard and mantle. Too bad you did not hue shift on his clothes as well ^^

Yuushia @ 5/17/2018 02:13 commented on bat girl Wing dash

There is a grey solo pixel at frames 6-7-8-9-10 on bottom of her hair. On her back too at frame 15. And there is a weird jagging effect in her hair between frames 5-6 (on the right of the picture). It does not fit well.

Otherwise it's a cute character and the cape animation is pretty fluid :) That's a nice art style ^^

Yuushia @ 5/10/2018 14:05 commented on Shichika Yasuri

Thank you ! Well I currently work on my own game so I drew a few original characters, but I don't want to share them right now :)

Autumn leaves is just the overall theme of this character specifically, there are leaves patterns on all of his outfits, he has one as an hair decoration, etc. That kind of reddish colors are very nice to work with, very insipiring when training at hue shifting !

Yuushia @ 9/21/2016 00:03 commented on Sky Camp

Very nice ! I like your color scheme. Rock walls could be a bit more sharp though. But the overall scene looks very adventur-esque :)

Yuushia @ 9/15/2016 01:30 commented on Hunter Card

So classy indeed :D