Jaeden @ 4/4/2011 06:55 commented on Get to Know the Artist

COMMENT: yeah I said that

Dont change the nose, Ive met you in person, dont change it, its yourse, Yes, you have a pointy upturned nose. dunno where you get it from, your mom and sister dont have it.. your brother sorta does.. not by much but hes also a guy.

Suggestion; Bra lines.... either that or nipples.. cant tell me those shits arent there. The more I looked at the pic the more I wanted to see it.

I agree on the softening of the lines some are over softened, but considering the style of the image, it still works.

Jaeden @ 2/15/2011 08:42 commented on Pixeltris!

I awwed.

Jaeden @ 2/6/2011 08:14 commented on Faceset template

in defense of the tits, in a push up bra they tend to hold a rounder appearance, so try and imagine them with clothing on, rather than off. This was a huge complaint with most dolling bases, you either made em look au natural and clothing looked.. off... or made em look like Tara reid and they looked .. round lol.

Jaeden @ 2/1/2011 23:24 commented on Greene commission

Nice to see you post.

Jaeden @ 1/30/2011 05:41 commented on The_Hovel

38 colors, very well done!  My favorite part has to be the boy shooting the dog with the sling shot lol. aside from a ew sedentary characters, I would have loved to see the fire animated.


Jaeden @ 1/17/2011 13:26 commented on Baum Cavern

gratz on the tripple win!

Jaeden @ 4/14/2010 06:59 commented on Pickman's Model

I havent logged in in weeks but had to after seeing this... wow, mmmmm.. yeah... oh ... thats the spot.. mmhhmmm Oh, YES... YES   YES!

mm... thats a good piece of work right there.

Jaeden @ 12/30/2009 08:25 commented on Ninja SS

This produced a verbal 'wow' out of me.

Jaeden @ 12/19/2009 17:04 commented on Flasher

Not the best of aa or dithering, but man did I crack up. (great attention to shadow on the brick wall btw)

Jaeden @ 12/19/2009 13:23 commented on Santa Baby

The B.O.B. - Exactly!!!!  I picture her as really throwing a leg up over his lap and having him cringe away lol.

Jaeden @ 12/13/2009 22:14 commented on How to win a pacemaker

lol my husband used to smoke lucky strikes.

Jaeden @ 11/15/2009 19:34 commented on Oh happy day!


Jaeden @ 10/18/2009 20:24 commented on Stealth Insane Cat Walk

preview doesnt do it justice.

Jaeden @ 9/22/2009 21:10 commented on EGA Skipping Rosella

I just awwed. Just like in KQ4 ^___^

Jaeden @ 9/17/2009 06:27 commented on tye icon

lol @ the comments

You'l see what sex it is when i complete the piece which at this time is 40 colors and 896x448 pixels :-)

Jaeden @ 9/16/2009 22:22 commented on Womanly Me

damn, Very very well done. love the highlighting on the seam of the pants and your impressivly perky boobs. (this coming from a chick mind you)

Jaeden @ 9/10/2009 19:51 commented on mock up title screen

looks like.. uhhh .. guh the guy from mythbusters not jaime, the other one, what the hell is his name?! 

ADAM! Yes. Adam savage.

Jaeden @ 8/21/2009 07:25 commented on Doll 8

This image is broken into 126 colors used.

The face is quite lovely but its the dress that I find most alluring. The Pallet must have been developed in seperate sections as the face does not match any colors on the chest / arms.  That accounts for at least 15 additional colors. Same thing with the hair, You could have adjusted colors to match the black portion of the dress itself and probably knocked your pallet down (with out loosing an ounce of quality) to approx 86 colors.

Any references used? Its insanely smooth and remminiscant of Moo!'s style this time as it has no dithering.

Jaeden @ 8/4/2009 07:36 commented on Swagga

25 colors and the antialiassing is fantastic. The smoke is fantastic and it was the breasts that first caught my attention realizing it was a woman.

Jaeden @ 7/31/2009 17:39 commented on C64 mCol

Love it considering the restrictions, this is fantastic.

Jaeden @ 7/21/2009 14:43 commented on Say no to booze

I cant get over the diamond cut on the stairs to the right of the image. What attention to detail!

Jaeden @ 7/13/2009 08:57 commented on Dragon

Hes actually some dragon that turns into some sexy human boy from a dnd campaign... something like that, so that works :-D

Jaeden @ 4/14/2009 20:11 commented on Elk's Sistine Maoi Collection

woah, great use of the pallet!!!

Got my vote.

Jaeden @ 4/2/2009 19:42 commented on Car

I understand completely and think its a great thing that its finally getting rotated for others to endulge in the spotlight. You need a new ribbon for those of us getting removed :-p

Jaeden @ 3/14/2009 08:54 commented on Cacodemon

cacodemon! Great use of the pallet here.