Kung-Gi-OH! @ 12/22/2007 15:40 commented on Trash can lid warrior~
thanks ^^ i rather like it myself~

Kung-Gi-OH! @ 12/22/2007 15:38 commented on the Trash-can lid warrior--standing
heh heh~ ^^; i wish it came so easily....i'll have to keep praticing...

Kung-Gi-OH! @ 8/9/2007 18:29 commented on Bones
lol i loved him on star treck~ always so scarcastic <3

Kung-Gi-OH! @ 8/9/2007 18:18 commented on my OC Kung

lol thanks ^^

Kung-Gi-OH! @ 8/9/2007 18:17 commented on Trash can lid warrior~

heh ^^;; broken hips...?

i...dont understand quite well either. >,> but @ sausage, yea---no hips.

hmm, and around the hands should not be dark? but what about shadows?

Kung-Gi-OH! @ 8/9/2007 18:14 commented on my first
this is pretty cool~! ^^

Kung-Gi-OH! @ 7/28/2007 13:47 commented on the Trash-can lid warrior--standing


i think they're there! >,> does the shadow give any indication? o__o) *im guessing it doesnt, if your asking such a question*

Kung-Gi-OH! @ 7/28/2007 13:46 commented on Trash can lid warrior~

ha! i like different things as weapons---maybe my inner child had something to do with it lol

and thank you *bows* i thought this was pretty good as well

Kung-Gi-OH! @ 7/28/2007 13:45 commented on Trash can lid warrior~
haha! i though that as soon as i was finished~ and i do like that style of pixelation, so i'm guessing is pretty good ^^

Kung-Gi-OH! @ 7/28/2007 13:43 commented on Orion the Dog

^^; heh--yes, the problem with most of my works is that i need to take my time when doing them.

thats why there's no tuffs on the legs, and the arms--they just seemed to get in the way...although i'm sure i need to add them if this is suspose to be a dog--because dogs have four legs...>,>

and thank you for the comment ^^

Kung-Gi-OH! @ 7/28/2007 13:42 commented on Orion the Dog
lol will do ^^ thanks for the comment!

Kung-Gi-OH! @ 7/28/2007 13:40 commented on listening

i understand what you mean about the eye and nose...yes, it is a bit long...

and now i see how wierd the hair looks---i'll have to practice on that.

Kung-Gi-OH! @ 7/28/2007 13:37 commented on Kung Avatar

i definitely will ^^

Kung-Gi-OH! @ 7/28/2007 13:35 commented on my OC Kung


yea, the head is huge---a big problem... but since this art was made ive *tried* to get better, hopefully the heads fit alittle better now...

Kung-Gi-OH! @ 7/28/2007 13:34 commented on my OC Kung
oh~! thats different! ^^ i'll try that!

Kung-Gi-OH! @ 7/26/2007 12:34 commented on Nerrik Forms Chubby Sprites

^^ so cute!  and the bottom right one looks sorta like the undead---

which there is nothing wrong with that, mind you~ ^__6

Kung-Gi-OH! @ 7/26/2007 12:22 commented on Rustbug dynamic avatar
this creation of yours is so--deadly and cute =3 and so very well represented in pixel goodness XD

Kung-Gi-OH! @ 7/26/2007 10:24 commented on Julius*unfinished*
wow...the colors are so perfect~

Kung-Gi-OH! @ 7/26/2007 10:11 commented on cats
yay! i love cats! =^3^=

Kung-Gi-OH! @ 7/26/2007 10:06 commented on Trash can lid warrior~

^^ thank you~

btw, ive seen your art---gotta say, its pretty awesome >:D

Kung-Gi-OH! @ 7/25/2007 22:16 commented on Pokemon trainer lollige wants to fight!
it definitely looks like the poke`mon style =3 and i love his hat ^^

Kung-Gi-OH! @ 7/25/2007 21:57 commented on Translucent Perfection
neat! ^^ dithering is so hard for me, but when i see it used well, its very eye-catching~ and even though this is a bottle, it looks very cool

Kung-Gi-OH! @ 7/25/2007 21:53 commented on New Sword
very nice--the reflections great ^^

Kung-Gi-OH! @ 7/25/2007 21:42 commented on Densetsu no Dokuchu 2 - Guardian of the second star portal

*whistles* damn......the sky is done so looks painted.

its magnificent.

Kung-Gi-OH! @ 7/25/2007 21:35 commented on tree creature avatar
the coloring is very well done!