virus616 @ 7/12/2008 04:40 commented on Hand Font
Ah! They move! That cool as hell.

virus616 @ 7/12/2008 04:38 commented on Sharkman

MM9 ? What's this?

Cool enemy. The colors are very well chosen. What weapon should I use against him?

virus616 @ 7/12/2008 04:34 commented on Level01 Grassland

It's missing tiles. Like wall tiles and hanging bottom tiles.

Other than that, I don't like your dithering, but I guess it's alright.

virus616 @ 7/11/2008 20:35 commented on The Brothers

Wow, that's a throwback...

hahahahaha, you've made 10ft tall minotaurs cute! Nice!

virus616 @ 7/11/2008 20:20 commented on Carpenter King
Using the red in blood as the only color really makes it pop out. I'd love to play a game in this style

virus616 @ 7/11/2008 20:15 commented on I throw words at you!!!

*sigh* X probably got stuck in some impossible situation, and forced zero to be destroyed again...

I'd be made too if an entire game was spent recovering my mangled body.

nice piece!

virus616 @ 7/11/2008 20:12 commented on mk_12

Very strange...

It's like at some parts it's realistic, and some parts its cartoony.

It just doesn't look right to me...

virus616 @ 7/11/2008 20:08 commented on Afghan Girl

That was one of my favorite photographs.

This is so cool. It's true though, we don't know anything about her. But the strange beauty of her eyes remains.

virus616 @ 7/11/2008 20:05 commented on ISO-067


dude, if someone made that 3d, added some guys with superjump, gave them weapons, and made it a game, it would be freakin awesome. That is, of course, assuming they could build a 3d engine that defies the laws of science...

virus616 @ 7/11/2008 20:02 commented on ISO-063
The side where it bends are extremely smooth. I had to super zoom just to make sure they were pixelated!

virus616 @ 7/9/2008 19:15 commented on Random stuff for games
I think all looks alright. The castle and the balloons are by far the best. Sometimes, though, it looks like you overdid it with dithering. Kindof like you used it to cover up trouble areas. And I think some things would look a lot better with less colors (i.e. the doppler next to the pencil).

virus616 @ 7/3/2008 18:38 commented on Pulsewave
yay for chiptunes!

virus616 @ 7/3/2008 18:34 commented on Metal heart ^^

That's really cool, especially the shimmering.

Everytime I see that I just imagine liquid hot metal splashing onto my skin (soldering accidents)

virus616 @ 7/3/2008 18:17 commented on Burning_Sunrise(panorama)

That's pretty sweet!

I blame the cities for all the violent natural activity


virus616 @ 7/2/2008 15:12 commented on Standard Factory Robot

A smaller palette is much easier and looks a lot cleaner to me.

virus616 @ 7/2/2008 07:19 commented on Abstract Commentary on our world today

"This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but with a wimper"

T.S Elliot quote.

Very interesting pixel art

virus616 @ 7/1/2008 18:13 commented on Chumchum 2.0 (click for full view)
Sweet... If I saw that thing lumbering down a corridor towards me, I probably laugh. And then get my head blown off.

virus616 @ 7/1/2008 18:10 commented on Standard Factory Robot

Yeah, the feet do look a little weird. But I was working on them for a while and that's the best I could get. Still, when you view it at X2 (close to the size in my game) the little guy looks alright.

I really tried to keep the colors to a minimum. Mostly because I'm going for a minimalist kinda look, and second because I'm just not good enough to use a large pallette yet :P

virus616 @ 4/3/2008 08:43 commented on protecteur
For a second there, when his cape whipped out, I could have sworn this was 3d. Very nice animation

virus616 @ 1/7/2008 18:11 commented on Rockman Scramble Battle!


And Zero would beat them all....

virus616 @ 1/7/2008 18:10 commented on The Underwater

Hah! it's aquaria!

It's pretty


virus616 @ 1/7/2008 18:08 commented on Knytt

It looks nice and all, but maybe a little too scary to be Knytt

It just kinda creeps me out, maybe I just didn't pay that much attention to Knytt's facial features

virus616 @ 12/7/2007 10:44 commented on Vista Default Colors Challenge: Inevitable
Yeh, I guessed you were inspired by Nurgle as well. Really nice

virus616 @ 7/28/2007 20:12 commented on Wonderwice

That's cool. Wonderwice rocks.

I like the little frog hollow!

virus616 @ 7/28/2007 19:43 commented on Cerealkiller54 Avatar

hah! funny! kinda strange though how the milk is inside the cereal box.....