AdamF @ 1/15/2016 13:30 commented on Pissed Wolf 2.0

great improvement in the pixeling! similarly to Finlal I'd like to see the new one with the old one's palette for comparison's sake

AdamF @ 9/28/2015 19:46 commented on Wah^2

Aside from the banding on Wario's hat, these clusters are absolutely lovely. 

AdamF @ 8/8/2015 12:57 commented on Pixel Art Academy Studio

Love the outside area, really cool stuff. 

AdamF @ 8/6/2015 18:54 commented on Classic RPG Monsterset

Troll, orc, similar beasts I'd say. 

AdamF @ 8/5/2015 15:45 commented on Classic RPG Monsterset

Were these your personal favorites? Love the orc especially.

AdamF @ 7/29/2015 09:37 commented on Desert Tiles

Lovely coloring and pixeling all around! Some areas are stronger than others but that's always the way with tiles it seems. We still gotta work on that collab man! 

AdamF @ 7/29/2015 09:35 commented on Forest

I really like the texture of the leaves, they have good weight and they aren't over-detailed or anything. The rest of the piece seems very flat, however-- the texturing of the trees follows no structure or cylindrical shape, so it comes off as texture upon a flat surface. The same goes for the lower leaves and rocks.

Nice to see you back around though! 

AdamF @ 6/23/2015 09:44 commented on 6

The preview does not do this piece justice. Really good work here. 

AdamF @ 5/19/2015 20:04 commented on Cuong Dojo

excellent as always, man! 

AdamF @ 5/3/2015 21:29 commented on You want I should leave this light on?

Beautiful colors and I adore the pixeling on the drapery. Good clusters as well. Aside from a few oddities in anatomy, this is ace. 

AdamF @ 1/11/2015 13:32 commented on early snow

Thank you all so very much! I am just overwhelmed at the amount of praise this has received here, on reddit, dA, Twitter, etc.-- it's crazy. I will try to address specific comments individually, but overall, thank you all for the compliments and the critique, I appreciate it all! 

@| | | |, you are definitely right-- some of the areas seem really warm individually. This is okay for me, though, as I was trying to imply a really, really early snow-- one where perhaps winter has not even officially begun. 

@ParkerBabyDiaperCompany, I looked at references for pigeons and matched as closely as I could, but at such a small size I am bound to have obscured some things. I will try and fix those in an update! 

@ADrawingMan, yeah, I know what you mean-- like I told | | | |, I was going for more of a really early snow feeling, so the river isn't supposed to feel really icy, but it certainly could give that impression for a better overall feeling. 

@CELS, haha, yes! I know exactly what you mean. I noticed that while working on it, as I tried making a larger version, and I was like ehh, it works better with the border... maybe an artistic decision overall? 

@Delicious, thank you man! We still have a collaboration we need to do! 

AdamF @ 1/11/2015 13:26 commented on Creya - v4

Definitely has come a long way since the first one! Not to say that one wasn't great, though. 

The third incarnation suffered a bit from the "default sexy female" pose, wherein the breasts and the ass are shown at two separate angles that are mostly impossible to achieve normally, so I am glad you went with this pose instead. Much better, and more toned down in terms of sexuality. Looking forward to more-- are you redoing Gregory as well? 

AdamF @ 12/9/2014 15:54 commented on Oh, Deer! background

The parallax version is sweet-- I agree with the comments about the static version looking fuzzy and dithered. The clouds especially seem to be much too solid. 

Despite that, very good stuff. 

AdamF @ 11/29/2014 13:03 commented on Pacific Grove, CA

I love parts of this-- the rocks, the colors, the tree texture, that gorgeously smooth sand-- but it still feels unfinished I think. The lack of aa in places makes some parts really harsh, and the contrast of the trees makes them feel like they're all on the same plane, flattening the piece. The clouds also look super bubbly as they get darker; you nailed the white, highlighted areas but the texture as the shadows increase feels a bit too solid. 

Overall though, great stuff, and I love the composition and the feeling the piece gives off. We still need to do that collab, btw! 

AdamF @ 11/16/2014 14:40 commented on Some Quest

Long time no see, vedsten! Looks excellent, I love the leafwork and the texturing. 

AdamF @ 8/18/2014 11:36 commented on Big Bird

Siikikala let me know that there's an app on the Google Play store using my 'serenity' piece as game art assets without my permission. In case anyone else's graphics or work has been ripped in this game, I thought I'd let everyone else know too. 

They didn't even do a good job of using my art, either.

AdamF @ 7/20/2014 21:18 commented on Vultus mechanicus

great pixeling and excellent colors here, good stuff! 

AdamF @ 7/16/2014 15:44 commented on Agony and Ecstasy

neofotistou, I've got to say, it's incredibly arrogant of you to claim that your piece is technically flawless. Looking it at, that's just not true, unfortunately-- and I dare you to find a single piece on pixeljoint that is 'technically' flawless. Everything can be improved in some way or another; nothing is perfect. That sort of stance on your own artwork makes me want to ignore the former part of your argument as well. However, it's clearly obvious that Adarias' intent with this piece was to show both the agony and the ecstasy of this woman, as stated in the title. It's an art form-- as simple as that. Adarias didn't create this piece for the simple purpose of using sexual appeal in order to win this challenge or get favorites, and that notion is absurd. The artistic intent is clear, as he has repeatedly stated.

As for the piece, Adarias-- lovely. I The palette usage is great and the form is fantastically pixeled. The piece certainly gives off the intended vibe the piece was supposed to give off, and overall it's really well executed! Awesome stuff. 

AdamF @ 6/2/2014 11:30 commented on Rock Golem Dude

while I love the design overall, the forms themselves feel blobby and unstructured. the solidity and roughness you'd expect from a creature made of rock isn't quite conveyed, feeling rather soft or sludgy. 

still, good stuff and I love the blue designs. I imagine the game will be awesome! 

AdamF @ 5/20/2014 22:56 commented on Nature Chilling

so I'm just now getting around to seeing this after checking out your most recent piece. I did a double take a first and was like, wait, where have I seen those clouds before?!

haha, this is great, and it's awesome I was able to inspire you! your stuff just keeps getting better, too, so keep it up sir. 

AdamF @ 3/8/2014 11:07 commented on escape

thanks everyone! glad to see you guys like it, I put a lot of random hours of work into it. 

as for the rocks-- I agree. they were the first part of the image that I worked on originally, so they're definitely a bit dated. I will fix them up and put up a new version hopefully sometime in the next few days! 

I will also get rid of the horizon dither-- also another early part that was done. after looking at this for so long, little glaring mistakes like that elude my eyes.

but yeah-- thanks a ton everyone. hopefully I'll have the other two in this series finished up in the next few months as well! 

AdamF @ 3/3/2014 16:47 commented on Berserk!

the Chocobo portrait is absolutely fantastic. great stuff! 

AdamF @ 9/23/2013 19:37 commented on Big Bird

to those who wished me a happy birthday-- thank you guys! I really appreciate it, it was an awesome 20th 

and yeah, I know I haven't been around much lately. lots of college things on my plate (art, papers, soccer, clubs, etc.) but I promise I'll have a piece or two to submit before the end of the year. 

AdamF @ 1/11/2013 05:47 commented on deluge

I feel as though if it's "not representative of my best work," then I don't need to be showing it. I'll probably go back and revise some things and resubmit it later. I'm just incredibly disappointed, is all. 

AdamF @ 1/10/2013 08:32 commented on deluge

 ...I agree that there are things that could be better about this, but I had hardly a month to do this. However, I feel that it is leagues better than my piece for SS last year, which is rated much higher than this and got much more attention. This piece got pushed back to the second page in literally two or three hours, and honestly I think that has a lot to do with it. Also, saying "I can do much better" makes me believe you think this is way off par for me, which I don't believe at all, I was very satisfied with the outcome. Despite this, I believe I'll be deleting this piece shortly.