SinX @ 9/6/2007 23:07 commented on Aztec Temple
Ironicly my internet was down as well. XD

SinX @ 8/23/2007 20:25 commented on Blobs!
Cute, they remind me of porings from Ragnarok Online.

SinX @ 8/23/2007 02:16 commented on lei mug
This piece is simple, yet it looks awesome.


The shading on the hair could use quite a bit of work.

SinX @ 8/23/2007 02:12 commented on Aztec Temple
Very nice mate, you are making me nervous my friend. Me and you, against each other in the final round of TUGS.

As for the piece, amazing. I have no crit at this time.


SinX @ 8/22/2007 16:44 commented on Lost Prophets: The Forum: The Game
No I think he means that the select doesn't go over the "?" icon.

SinX @ 8/22/2007 16:36 commented on random pixels yay
Amazing work my friend.

SinX @ 8/22/2007 16:31 commented on Metroid Mockup
Back when I saw this during the last TUGS, I came.

SinX @ 8/22/2007 13:42 commented on Adam and Eve
This has got to be one of the greatest pixel art pieces in existance.

SinX @ 8/22/2007 13:36 commented on JELLY FAT
Looks cute. I love the color choice.

SinX @ 8/22/2007 13:35 commented on Criminal shame.
I love how it is so simple, yet it looks amazing. Although the hands are rather akward. 8/10

SinX @ 8/22/2007 12:58 commented on Ulquiorra
I have always been a huge fan of your work. And this piece just makes me love you more. The only thing I see is that the colors on the bone helmet type deal thing(I don't watch bleach) could use some more contrast. 9/10

SinX @ 8/7/2007 13:56 commented on SLEF PORTRAIT
Nice work Foss, I really like it. It shows your personality a lot.