kipton @ 6/12/2005 12:30 commented on Animation-Ketchup Love
 i really like the way the bottle looks - rich colours and a crisp, fresh look thanks to the contrast - well done! you've also accentuated the shape of the bottle well, giving it a bit more playful look. very nice. the animation is smooth too, nice work.

kipton @ 6/12/2005 06:06 commented on Macintosh Color Classic
oh MY, that is pretty naughty >.>
i like how i can't really see what's going on but it still looks naughty


kipton @ 6/11/2005 23:51 commented on Macintosh Color Classic
 a very sweet icon man
it feels really minimalistic to me
the subtle shading with the soft orange glow

kipton @ 6/11/2005 23:49 commented on Flag
 i really like the bright colours here ing, it's like an explosion of sunshine on my screen

there's only one thing (and i only just noticed it): the expression on its face is a bit unclear at 100% zoom level. when you're zoomed in, it does look like a smile, but at 100%, it's more a rectangle. oh well, i still love it anyway ^_^

kipton @ 6/11/2005 23:47 commented on Chick

i really like the simplicity

with such a minimum amount of pixels you've created a very convincing chick - the animation is great ^_^

kipton @ 6/11/2005 15:47 commented on Hippo!
 i love the simple colour scheme on this one

the way you portrayed the hippo is great, with the mouth wide open like that
great piece

kipton @ 6/11/2005 15:26 commented on the killing time
 sheesh, this is amazing
the silky smooth shading (intended to sound awesome like that, thanks) looks great in this theme - i haven't seen black used so well in a while

the only criticism i can think of, concerns the two transparent vertical lines right at the top, they look slightly out of place there. that's just a minor thing though - this is a great piece, well done.

kipton @ 6/11/2005 15:22 commented on My Computer icon
 doesn't look too bad, although i think it lacks some definition, some contrast. the colours are a bit bland. apart from that, it's alright.

.. who still uses desktop computers though?

kipton @ 6/11/2005 15:20 commented on Panda Fighter
 i like the idea behind this - fairly well executed too

i agree with the previous criticisms - i would like to add that the expression on his face isn't really that of "kicking ass", but more a sad/tired expression

well done though

kipton @ 6/11/2005 15:17 commented on Pink City
 looks very candy-like to me, if candy were really some kind of crystal - i guess

i don't recognise this as a city at first, but i still think it looks pretty cool. some details that hint at human activity might make it easier to spot it's a city - windows, lights, etc.

the little stars are nice, but i think by using so many they have lost their effectivity - try removing some, leaving them on the buildings you want to stand out

kipton @ 6/11/2005 11:08 commented on Suburbia
 looks good for a first piece of isometric pixels!

you've got the basics down well in this one - it just looks unfinished to me. everything is in the right place, the angles are right, it all works out great - it just looks a bit too.. clean! it would look a lot more interesting with some subtle textures thrown around here and there. for example: tiles on the sidewalk, asphalt on the road.

apart from the basic look, i think this is pretty good. it reminds me of when i was pixelling around in the simcity 2000 urban renewal kit (scurk!)

kipton @ 6/11/2005 11:00 commented on Iso-Furniture
 the table really caught my eye - i love what you did to the wood (nice shiny finishing!), it looks quite realistic. chairs look good, but i'm not sure if the red (cushions?) look 'done' yet - they might need some little shading i think, they look a bit flat right now

fridge looks amazing, i love the colour scheme used in combination with no outlines, and the little details are great (drawings, handles)