RobbieE @ 12/9/2012 06:22 commented on bleep blopp

 I'm afraid for my life, it's not going to devour my flesh is it?

I love the geometric feel of it all, amazing work fawful!

RobbieE @ 12/9/2012 06:17 commented on The cat in the computer

 Woah, you've certainly improved an insane amount since I last logged in 
The animations nice and fluid but like Voltali already pointed out the the cat does seem to dissapear a bit too fast for my liking but that's a minor fault in an otherwise great animation.

Keep up the good work Photocopier!

RobbieE @ 5/21/2010 08:21 commented on Secret santa: Dr D

 Woah. It's awesome, fits together nicely as well.

RobbieE @ 4/23/2009 09:32 commented on crystal myth golem

Ditto, I thought it was a crystal meth golem as well >.>

RobbieE @ 4/17/2009 01:09 commented on 2

Looks like . . . something else to me.

Well what ever it is it looks interesting.

RobbieE @ 4/7/2009 22:42 commented on Just ridin' a horse

Transparency is a colour, So it's black + trans = two :)

RobbieE @ 4/7/2009 05:16 commented on Myself walking

Ahh get out of my internets

I was looking for some tileset examples for Java and came acorss this nice little page. All of a sudden I looked to my right and saw this little sprite there. . . Took me about 5 seconds to realise I saw it on here a day earlier.

The sprites nice but the legs look a bit odd when strechted out to walk. Looks like some sort of blue chainmail leggings. Also I love the pokemon feeling I'm getting from this piece.

RobbieE @ 3/23/2009 06:31 commented on Xbox

I agree with vampireslug, Much like the last comp I'm really enjoying these more original themes hopefully I'll get around to entering it this time.

RobbieE @ 3/23/2009 05:34 commented on Skully

It's just got so much character for a skull, I love it :D.

Also I think 10 colours is a fairly good amount for this, Sure you could achieve similar results with less colours but personally I think it would lose it's charm with less.

Not to mention 10 is pretty low already, It's not like he used 30 or 70 colours or anything outrageous like that.

RobbieE @ 3/22/2009 23:20 commented on Character Mash-up: Mickey-Sonic

Aren't ? blocks and mushrooms mario though? Maybe something like steamboat willie in the background as well as the Sonic chequered landscape.

RobbieE @ 3/22/2009 08:33 commented on Big Purple Monsta

Reminds me of some sort of DOOM monster or something, nice work.

Also there's stray white pixels inbetween two fingers on both sides.

RobbieE @ 3/19/2009 17:54 commented on Potions

Looks good it's nice, simple and clean.

What's with the things on the side of them though? Makes it look more like a potion bottle and more like a bong than a bottle

RobbieE @ 3/19/2009 17:53 commented on Spongebob & Patrick

You've captured there expressions pretty well

One thing though it looks as if it's been saved as a jpg or something as I was just looking at it closer in paint and well the pores appear to be countless amounts of colours for one shade?

RobbieE @ 3/16/2009 22:41 commented on CAD Avatar

I'd say its one of the more creative challenges it beats the standard use x palette and y theme we always have. There are so many different characters out there that the choices to create something unique and different are pretty huge.

The only uncreative thing about this is that I imagine most people will just use popular characters such as mario etc.

RobbieE @ 3/15/2009 18:48 commented on Lil' Dude Poopin`

Transparency on the actual sprite makes it look terrible on this dark bluey background, Might want to fix that as I can hardly tell what's going on.

RobbieE @ 3/9/2009 18:52 commented on mini portrait

I'm a bit confused by the lines under the eyes they seem too strong? unless you're wearing a mask something >.>

Everything else is wonderful though.

RobbieE @ 3/7/2009 00:41 commented on Hello..

Woah this is just awesome, Getting my vote for sure.

RobbieE @ 3/5/2009 17:42 commented on Two-Fad

Ah thanks for the info, I was working of your one with the girl who smiles and moves around and stuff and some times the shadows are left-down while other times it looks as if they just go down (i.e. the freckle shadow is straight down while the eyes shadow is down-left)

So I got a bit confused about it if it and from memory the close to the centre they are the shadows are more straight on, Don't know if that makes any sense my head isn't working to well and I was mainly working of what I remember on my tamagotchi, I'll try to fix them up though.

RobbieE @ 3/5/2009 00:07 commented on Two-Fad

Ah really? I had a feeling there was a few that were almost identical so I couldn't visually count them all.

I'll go through it and find out what it is and re-up it.

Edit: Okay I think it's 16 now? At least that's what photoshop was telling me.

RobbieE @ 3/2/2009 18:50 commented on Teacher's Pet

This is really good, I think it looks great without any AA has a nicer feel to it.

Also I actually like the white outlines, I understand why they're there and think it works better with them.

RobbieE @ 2/28/2009 06:09 commented on Satori

I thought this character looked familar, Realised I had seen it as your av on the GMC.
Looks good though, Only crit I have is that the back leg looks like a wooden peg leg, i.e. contrast seems to brown and the shoe looks like a black metal cannon ball :S

Either way It's great

RobbieE @ 2/24/2009 21:59 commented on 送给我的最爱

I love it!

RobbieE @ 2/23/2009 00:11 commented on Mega-dance )

Ah okay that makes a bit more sense, I'm assuming that's the version from the comics?

I agree the red does look better, makes him stand out a bit more

RobbieE @ 2/22/2009 19:57 commented on Mega-dance )

This is getting my vote for sure!

One thing though does megatron have red on the sides of his legs? I never remember him having it.

RobbieE @ 2/16/2009 22:26 commented on Headbanger
Damn, That was exactly the same idea I had even the same angle and everything

LLooks good though but his hands seem a bit flat when the reach the closest point to the 'top'/bottom