!CE-9 @ 8/25/2008 23:11 commented on protecteur
I do second that. Awesome work, especially on the cape. What was the #1 pixel in April?

!CE-9 @ 3/4/2008 00:47 commented on The Kingdom
loving the background and the characters (especially the tiger thing).. well, pretty much everything.=) I'd love to see the game in motion.

!CE-9 @ 3/4/2008 00:44 commented on Run, stick, run!
those legs are impressively well animated. an awesome piece on advice I was given on another running animation was that the character should lean very slightly forward - this helps clarifying that he's in fact not running backward. (btw thanks for your comment on Hyder.)

!CE-9 @ 9/28/2007 07:09 commented on Second spaceship explodes
geez, I'm in love... again. this explosion  is awesome. although there is indeed something bothersome about the look of the smoke (too grainy, too sharp, methinks), you gotta love how it dissipates... and those plasma bubbles. great work.

!CE-9 @ 9/14/2007 02:06 commented on Action Islands mockup
@ DarkfalzX: =)) congrats, sire, you wins the day.;)

@ surt: thanks for the kind comment. you're absolutely right about the lack of smoothness, I'll work on it for the final version. as for the saturation, do you mean the whole pic, or rather the background (which really does hurts the eye a tad)?

!CE-9 @ 9/12/2007 12:45 commented on Dragon
that's a jawdropper (and more so with it having been done in MS Paint). maybe the eyeball and the left wing isn't the real deal, but it's still a 5f.

!CE-9 @ 9/11/2007 13:17 commented on I live in a leaf
this is cute. you gotta love the plant and the character, and the falling water is nice, however the top of the waterfall looks like spitting out w's.

!CE-9 @ 9/11/2007 12:33 commented on Sonic on Drugs
if it doesn't make you laugh, you gotta be dead on the inside.=) awesome stuff, and that facial expression... rocks my socks off.=) I only miss a bit of saturation.


!CE-9 @ 9/11/2007 12:28 commented on Mario Bros Mockup
Mario has finally grown up. cool.

no. WAY cool.=) I don't like the character, however it still looks great. the highlight from the fireball is a nice touch, but it should either be more consistent or less brighter.

the carnivorous plant wins the day.=)

!CE-9 @ 9/11/2007 12:15 commented on Redhood vs the wolf -THE REVENGE
sheesh, that must be the baddest ass LRRH ("what have you got in your little basked, Red?" *SHING!*) - but the wolf successfully outbadass it, as s'posed to. blinding.

!CE-9 @ 9/11/2007 12:10 commented on Mockup Land
pure beauty. the tree and the water win the internets; the rocks (below the ground) look too --bubbly? though...  (of course I'd be happy if I could've pulled it a quarter this nice)

immediate fav & all.

!CE-9 @ 9/11/2007 12:06 commented on The Forest Glade
geez, it's great -- although, after the preview I had expected more density to it, like more foreground? it's beautiful nevertheless, and I love those trees & lians. 5f

!CE-9 @ 9/11/2007 01:37 commented on famous last words..
although this is your first pic I've picked up on, this is the last (so far) I'm to comment -- the originality and wittiness of your style doesn't fail to surprise. I love the palette, the way you used different styles for the tank, the background and the little guy, and how the tank sticks out the background. it's friggin 10 outta 5.=)

!CE-9 @ 9/11/2007 01:34 commented on bubble boy
CGA looks furkin' awesome when it isn't a restriction rather than freedom.=)

!CE-9 @ 9/11/2007 01:26 commented on bps lava lamp
nooooooohhhh, I just can't believe it.=) this is mindblowing stuff (the preview was already mindblowing, and. I'm afraid I've run out of superlatives, so --), 5f.

!CE-9 @ 9/11/2007 01:21 commented on the cuddly tigercat thats doing my laundry
I'm seconding the "brilliant", "genius", and "awesome" posts here.=) man this is creation. very unique.

!CE-9 @ 9/11/2007 01:18 commented on pandurman in beijing
what an awesome style! I really like the frame-subframe solution and how the material fades away ooutside of the subframe. great character designs too. immediate 5f.

!CE-9 @ 9/11/2007 01:01 commented on Raccoon
man, you gotta love that facial expression. cool dithering too.

the tail is a bit strange tho (too late, I've already 5/5'd it=D)

!CE-9 @ 8/26/2007 07:32 commented on Me, myself and I
whoa there, your self-portrait is brilliant (...depiction of a human face that I haven't seen IRL). I really love how you've done the hair & the mouth.
some critique if you don't mind:
1. the highlights are too --high?
2. the left eye and eyebrow doesn't look right (of course -- it's left!=D). of course I could be wrong and it isn't a biggie, especially if you don't start zooming in on it.

!CE-9 @ 8/24/2007 09:04 commented on Little Zixum's first flight
the idea and the style is great, although I kinda don't like the colors (perhaps the dithering too...?)

I love the facial expression. reminds me of good ole times' comics.=)

!CE-9 @ 8/24/2007 08:56 commented on To the cloning machine!
paying good attention rocks.=) brilliant work, I like the Souly bit the best.

!CE-9 @ 8/24/2007 08:52 commented on Et tu, Brute?
whoa man, there's an idea, there's a spirit -- and then it's brilliantly done! great work!

!CE-9 @ 8/22/2007 13:42 commented on Forest Savepoint
oh so lush, oh so pure. great job, immediate fav & all the trimmings.

!CE-9 @ 8/22/2007 13:40 commented on Envy
man-oh-man, I really love the atmosphere you create here. it adds a nice and unique touch to the actual array of pixels that the picture (as a picture) is.

great job.

!CE-9 @ 8/22/2007 13:38 commented on Dropship
instant jawdrop (& fav). I don't like how the jet prop is flashing, but that might be my taste.

big up!