LandShark @ 10/31/2010 09:11 commented on Log Bomb

you should definitely make the log explode, hahaha

love the style!

LandShark @ 9/10/2010 19:09 commented on Wings

wow, this is great!

amazing shapes! [mostly talking about her butt. but.. well the rest too]

great choice of color, great dithering :]

LandShark @ 8/10/2010 17:34 commented on 10 basic rpg monsters

why oh why is there always slime D:

LandShark @ 8/10/2010 12:38 commented on P to the ixel, J to the oint!

proverbially, fresh.

LandShark @ 7/28/2010 19:52 commented on Rain Clouds for Eyeballs

thanks a lot, everyone :]

LandShark @ 7/24/2010 09:51 commented on Adventure Game

what is it called?

i love the detail everywhere.

and the distorted perspective is really nice as well :]

LandShark @ 7/10/2010 19:53 commented on highlanders

valve is very community-friendly. i'm sure they'd recieve it.

brilliant sprites. brilliant choices of color. manages to match their VERY distinguishing sillouettes while still matching your style as well.



ommm BLU team recolor? :p

not that it really matters, i think a blue pyro is blasphemy, haha

LandShark @ 3/7/2010 16:30 commented on Spike Girl

its a shame people criticize the artstyle of this game :/

that's what people get for trying to be original these days, i guess...

LandShark @ 3/7/2010 16:28 commented on Dancing pyro

actually, i think it's be more realistic if both the goggles shone when he turned to our left, because that's where the light source is.

LandShark @ 2/20/2010 13:14 commented on Good morning NY

the city is magnificent :D

but the clouds are just... done incorrectly

why not try something like this?

LandShark @ 1/14/2010 20:41 commented on come back Mr. Cookie

he shouldnt go back while he's in the air

its when he's "stepping" that the "camera" would go faster than it, so  to speak.

LandShark @ 8/26/2009 10:35 commented on SMLL LFT 4 DD

hahaha, okay, as soon as i finish my challenge i'll start the zombies all over again

and maybe even get started on the cast f or the second one.

LandShark @ 5/31/2009 19:30 commented on Achilles

too bad its the heel, and not the ankle :p

haha great piece, though :D

LandShark @ 5/7/2009 18:45 commented on Peeeeeekaaaaahhh Peeeeeeeekaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

that is the most majestic thing i have ever seen.

LandShark @ 4/26/2009 13:21 commented on Ce n'est pas un portrait de soi


its like, pointing out you're breaking the rules... ballsy

LandShark @ 4/26/2009 13:10 commented on Omnivortrait - TheManuz

hah, this is really cool :D

LandShark @ 4/1/2009 15:06 commented on apple get!


big mouth, tiny stomach


LandShark @ 3/28/2009 14:46 commented on Pixel Crunch!

I think that the spoon should be on the other hand ._.

LandShark @ 3/27/2009 22:02 commented on desert landscape

haha thanks.

the hand and the skull were the only things i actually worked hard on :P

LandShark @ 3/17/2009 09:39 commented on apple get!

haha, thanks!

i never use dithering, so it was a lot of experientation for me :D

LandShark @ 3/15/2009 20:49 commented on Eye

damn all these awesome ass last-minute entries D:

LandShark @ 3/15/2009 20:46 commented on Executioner pondering where he put his nose

I like how it looks like he soiled himself  :D

LandShark @ 3/11/2009 18:54 commented on leisure time at Lipari Island

sweet. definitely biggest contender.


hey, you got any advice on how to make green stuff with those colors? like leaves and trees?

and I mean that in contrast with a dark foreground [ie; black and red] and light backgound [blue and green]

LandShark @ 3/7/2009 22:24 commented on By the forest line

adorable character designs :D

LandShark @ 3/7/2009 21:07 commented on 16 Fakemons !

the only one i dont like is the second torpedo fish. I dunno why, I just dont like the design much.

the rest are the shit and a half.

make more make more make more