BlueSheep123 @ 3/14/2018 16:39 commented on voodoo

Is everyone here all uptight and think other pixel art sites are bad?

BlueSheep123 @ 10/23/2017 17:05 commented on Blue Goop Guy

You could probably make him look "goopy-er" by making him shiner and making the animation bouncer.

BlueSheep123 @ 3/3/2017 15:37 commented on roy

Adorable and wonderful! 

BlueSheep123 @ 3/1/2017 22:47 commented on Dark Color Tiles

Looks cool 

BlueSheep123 @ 2/7/2017 14:44 commented on tree #3

Very satisfying to look at 

BlueSheep123 @ 2/7/2017 14:42 commented on Architect

I like the rough style of the outlines and lines on the board 

BlueSheep123 @ 12/26/2016 20:53 commented on Scary cat

There is a piece of bush in the background that is cut off. Other than that, it looks good.