pistachio @ 3/4/2021 01:33 commented on Big Bird

yes, man, hardcore tech restrictions really bring me back. nothing like a 48x48 canvas to crunch them details into. just gotta ask SteveM how he did that subpixelling...

pistachio @ 5/14/2019 02:32 commented on Loose Cannon

Now this I can dig.

pistachio @ 8/27/2018 04:56 commented on Big Bird


Posted that second link over at Pix if it's no trouble. Thanks man.

Nice also to see anything new from Snake.

pistachio @ 8/26/2018 00:59 commented on Big Bird

A wise man once said: shut up and pixel!

pistachio @ 8/24/2018 07:16 commented on Woods Woman

I dig the atmosphere and Flashback-y trees. But +1 Theoden, version in the preview seems way more polished than full, uploaded by mistake?

pistachio @ 8/24/2018 07:11 commented on Big Bird

What monster have I unleashed!?...

Now on behalf of Pix, as I am one of the guys who's been offering up critique there for years: I apologize if the tone of what some of us do seems elitist. To an extent, especially in the past, that's valid. But you have to understand, on the other hand, that that is the nature of any arena that serves critique straight: it doesn't sugar-coat it. Posting online changes whole dimensions of it. See Polycount (and predecessor eatpoo), see ConceptArt. To that end I can't apologize entirely.

In the technique-obsession (hi @neota), here I agree. But one man can't really change the flavor of the board itself, just change himself.

I haven't been an active participant in what was the Pix Discord server so can't verify the claims about chat content. But I am all for getting down to hard truths and am scratching my chin now. I'll have to investigate before coming to conclusions about if the cutoff was warranted.

To be on the safe side I won't bring any of the more salient points (format, crosstalk, mods, rules) to the Pix thread without some kind of go ahead from those members (cure, Adarias, eishiya) who put them down. Others (politics, free speech) I'll avoid.

pistachio @ 8/11/2018 21:09 commented on Big Bird

If it is relevant, Pixelation (the artboard formerly known as WayOfThePixel) may be movin' on up to another platform.

If anyone still goes there. just me? damn.

pistachio @ 6/25/2018 04:23 commented on Big Bird

Guess you're referring to the upside of polish. Yes, done right, what gets refined realizes the image's potential. Given constraints of time, resources, so on.

Yet graphic failure or success to "read" or "pop" can be the fault or the triumph of any point on the line. Polish can idealize, it can redeem, overwork, run into the ground and total it, w/e. (Efficient workflow is respectable and prevents some of those outcomes. But we're usually seeing the end result only, so I bring them up.)

Is that decisive moment/s of failure or success when the artist sees the drama or cohesion he can cull from that piece, on another point on the line, or before the line and gets to work? Seems so.

The process BTW is not absolutely linear, more like roughly linear. I should be more clear on that. We're making abstractions of pretty ambiguous stuff. Necessary here, but that's some rabbit hole to fall down.

pistachio @ 6/24/2018 04:59 commented on Big Bird

"Rather, it seems to me that the thing to aim at is to remember what drama you are trying to present, but then hold yourself back from pulling that drama out fully until the picture is, say, 80% done"

Think you have this part backwards mate.

You, as the artist, are obligated to give 110% to whatever the hell you decided you want the image to do, the goal. Ideally that's at the beginning (why in a sec).

It is what Nicolaides seems to be getting at too. You do these gestures, you take years and decades of studied practice so you can pour it into five condensed seconds. (I.E. the thumbnails, prime example.) That is your adamantine foundation for the rest of the piece.

The best (dramatic) art isn't just about capturing vitality, but economy. And the vitality rises from economy. Done right the Nicolaides will give you that.

Can't separate either from construction, BTW. Maybe this is why you misunderstood the first point, your view on this.

The closer the picture is to being "finished" the more you have to reign it in. Because it's more accurate, it is more restrained. Hopefully that works to its advantage. This is the nature of polish IMO.

Symbols are poorly suited to cultivate drama and affect the viewer IMO because it references everything externally. Not saying it can't. But if it does it's not on it, so it's another step removed.

Side of a Bullet

pistachio @ 6/18/2018 05:25 commented on Big Bird


Agree, but it's how you stick those pieces together that creates drama. The gestalt. Including force OR motion (implicit thru I.E. strong gesture. Or explicit through frames, basically an optical illusion tho.) Drama often is the backbone of an effective piece, it fails as an afterthought. Unless the image's role is intended as symbolic, I.E., street sign. If there's no drama in its backbone (it references something else), then it succeeds in its goal. If I get you right.

"How should I think about art?"

Huge question.

Usually better just to make it.

for the small question (rendering), gonna buy this. I mean these days you could probably find solid stuff for free as well, but it looks comprehensive and stretches into our digital age. Maybe sheds insight.

But I'll link to stuff I find if it applies here.

pistachio @ 6/18/2018 02:54 commented on Punkterosaur

@Irenaart fixed this.

pistachio @ 6/17/2018 03:01 commented on Big Bird


Like I said, mostly an issue of sematics, interpretation, that kind of thing. Lack of clarity seems to be mostly on my side, so I'll have to brush up on definitions when I have the time. But "vector" seems a little more lax in comparison to "blueprint" so you could be going somewhere by revising it. I.E. there could be ways to apply some "vector" (as force) to a representationally rendered image in its content...then content, apart from rendering, that's another dimension which muddles the waters. They're not discrete but they reinforce each other in some way, best case scenario.

Not sure what Neiborg's or eishiya's pixelblobs have to do with it (tho I'm with you on cranking out as much as possible at first stage = dynamism). Sure the method/workflow sometimes gives the output a different flavor. Same goes for the medium. But the mental image is where it starts, everything else is the means to that end, including blobs. It's just as much skill that keeps you from getting damn close.

Tricky stuff to handle. But those dealing with visual fields usually walk away richer from such broad discussions IMO.

^Yeesh, off the rails. I'll take my advice and hit some books in my spare time.


Dude, just put it out there. Always like niche minimal software. Sounds neat.


Failure is always an option! etc.

pistachio @ 6/11/2018 04:04 commented on Big Bird

Aye, happy b-day Reo.

re: mouse

IDK...Usually using a wireless mouse for pixels for years. Mouse is more solid and predictable to me and I can pull some sort of dynamic first step out of it. But I've been told I have a pretty f*cking steady hand. Then towards the finishing stages most PA has a more finite number of solutions so where's a problem if you can hide it? Mouse is more precise there. (This part of the argument has more weight IMO.)

Maybe I'm missing out. For anything requiring vitality and subtle stuff, you definitely take what you can get. And even the mighty tablet only picks up so much compared to traditional (what the mouse picks up, + pressure, XY tilt, done.)

But it's still improving. We'll see 'em holograms one day...

...Ok, pen and paper is occasionally with me for more serious pixel projects. Might have to try more often. Valid reasons discussed before me.

BTW @neota anything further on your graphic-symbolic-semantics-thing you brought up way back?

pistachio @ 4/28/2018 01:34 commented on After humans..

The subject, palette and small pixel-pushing reminds me a bit of another piece I saw years ago here by iLKke. Killer stuff (both).

pistachio @ 4/11/2018 16:43 commented on Weirdheads


Never heard of it, but it reminds me a lot of Ren & Stimpy/Rocko and the 90s Nicktoons all around, probably had something to do with it. And this piece, not consciously.

pistachio @ 4/11/2018 15:50 commented on Big Bird

@neota 4/9/2018 05:54
As far as I can see your description of 'vector vs graphic' does not seem too far from the 'symbolic <-> representational' scale (or other models) that guys like us have been yapping about for centuries. Those are not completely specific to the pixel medium, which provides its own challenges. Mostly on the "brush-strokes" level you mention, its gridlike nature, ways to get around limitations. And in content, that usually ties in to video games/old computer/console culture in the popular eye. Is this last thing part of why it is seeming narrow to you, when content starts dictating the technique?

But that's still an interesting discussion and not one I am seeing so much anymore (where I saw it).

Popularity is a double edged sword I guess.