darokin @ 5/6/2012 11:01 commented on Captain Mint

 I like the design of this character, interesting style !

darokin @ 5/2/2012 10:55 commented on Tokyo Corner

 <3 Tokyo ^^ 

You should try to replace inner black lines with dark lines but not full black. And maybe get rid of the perspective for the left part of the building, it would be easier. I'm not good for crits/suggest so I stop there, anyway, definately a good start !

darokin @ 5/2/2012 10:50 commented on Duck at Sunset

 Smooth animation, interesting colors, I like it !

darokin @ 4/25/2012 09:37 commented on IBM Model M Keyboard

Totally agree Metaru ! My bad.. I'm using Gimp so I think I could blame the < key (next to shift on azerty kb) wich could have shifted some colors.. Anyway, please accept my apologies.. and wait..(i know it's not an excuse)..did I mention I'm colorblind (no joke here)..

darokin @ 4/23/2012 15:42 commented on Japanese Garden (New and Improved!)

 I really like this type of minimalist diorama, the outline is effective and the colors are good, nice job !

darokin @ 4/23/2012 15:38 commented on spiral knight josh alvein

 I did not realize at first the character has a sword, I just noticed it's awesome !

darokin @ 4/23/2012 15:29 commented on IBM Model M Keyboard

 Wohou ! Thx a lot for your comments !! I was sure a lot of people would recognize this legendary keyboard !

darokin @ 4/22/2012 16:27 commented on !

 Wahou ! Facial expression is soo great ! So precise...Excellent work !

darokin @ 4/20/2012 10:45 commented on IBM Model M Keyboard

 Woooops ! Corrected ! But 37...must have missed something.. :/

darokin @ 4/19/2012 00:46 commented on runbag

 Excellent animation ! 

At first I tough he has long hairs, but now I see the backpack ! For me he is still long haired, it's Silent Bob !!!!

darokin @ 4/18/2012 13:18 commented on NES rotating

 Thank you all for your comments, glad you like it ! <3 PJ ;)

darokin @ 7/29/2011 11:31 commented on Polar Bear Head

  Excellent ! This is why I love PixelJoint so much !

Thanks for the advice, actually now I know the fact, banding occurs in 80% of my pixel art..I will remember this, and use AA everytime it won't add new color on my palette. Also I'm not used to 'fatten' the outline like you did, but it actually looks good, definately good tip. The whole banding and 'grid revealing' part of the tutorial you linked was very instructive.

I don't edit this piece to let the commentary full of sense.

Thanks again !

darokin @ 7/18/2011 15:43 commented on Onigiri Avatar

 Kawaii ! Really nice piece !

By the way, is it a kind of transparent plate underneath or does the onigiri is floating ?  ;)

darokin @ 7/12/2009 17:46 commented on Plenair 2

By seeing such a piece, I want to improve my PA skills !! Really nice !

darokin @ 7/12/2009 17:27 commented on Plume

Really nice cartoon style !

I love the colors, and with the outline the render is great !

Beau travail...

darokin @ 7/10/2009 01:55 commented on Dark Spawn

Superbe !! Really nice !

Could have been done with 7 colors no ?

3 for the cape, 2 for the eyes, black and transparency.. ?

darokin @ 7/10/2009 01:51 commented on Mini me

Simply great !!!

I agree Arrow-1 and want to see it animated !

darokin @ 7/10/2009 01:21 commented on Nes isometric pad (controller)

Thanks.. For Konami's code sake, I'll let you 'steal' it !  ^^   And I would be proud !

darokin @ 7/9/2009 07:33 commented on Be Afraid

Really Nice !   I like the colors you choose...

I find some of your others pix a little bit too dark for my taste...(I'll look through another screen to be sure..)

Bien joué en tout cas ! Encore un membre de retropixel sur pixeljoint !  ^^

darokin @ 7/9/2009 06:46 commented on Avatar_Blue

It could be taken from a Neo Geo sports game !

Really nice, love the style...

There is one yellow pix laying in his mouth...and a blue one on his neck...

darokin @ 7/9/2009 06:41 commented on Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Really nice idea... nicely done...   42 POWA !

darokin @ 7/8/2009 00:19 commented on Green Bonsai Tree

Cute !! I like the outline !

darokin @ 6/7/2008 15:03 commented on Pixel joint
Salut Wart,

Merci pour tes commentaires tout d'abord.
Par contre, fais bien attention, sur PixelJoint tu ne peux poster que du contenu original, c'est à dire des pixel arts que tu as fais toi même, et tu n'as pas le droit de recopier par exemple le logo PJ ou celui avec les ninjas etc...
Voilà voilà, j'espère que tu t'amuseras bien sur pixejoint, à bientôt...

darokin @ 4/4/2008 10:35 commented on Nintendo Game & Watch MultiScreen WallFrame
Thanks Hîdan ;)
I now understand that my BG is a bit too flashy, I'll try to find a more suitable teint next time...
Happy that you love it Stickman ^^ Pinball is quite a boring G&W for me....but they all need to be tried (or collected...).

darokin @ 4/4/2008 02:11 commented on \m/ \m/
Really nice, I love her hair and the anime-ish style..
I thought it was an April fool when you said you were a girl....;)