Arzosah @ 7/17/2008 10:52 commented on wee! bunny
Why not? I think it's kinda cute. Though I think you need to work more on the light source, I'm kinda confusing of where the light actually is coming from...

Arzosah @ 6/13/2008 02:33 commented on Mama Juru
Metaru: nope, she shouldn't link to the base page since it's written clearly for everyone to see in the rules that you should link to the homepage:
"Link back to" So, link to the main page and if you want, say the base name so people might find it quicker.
108 colours for this piece is a little too many colours even for dollers ;) But I'm guessing you're going after a more smooth look? Almost tool shaded?
Anyway, great work. (And great design even though it's your friends/Menewsha's :P ) Nicely shaded and put together. I'm sure your friend will like her :)

Arzosah @ 6/13/2008 02:25 commented on doll base

Most dollers only use 4-6 colours for the bases... So I wouldn't say that you should show -this- to get them to understand that you don't have to use all the colours in the world for your dolls. However, pick a doll with a few colours and yeah, then you can shove it for them. But a base? Naaah :P
Anyway, it's a great base. Love the face :) 

Arzosah @ 4/21/2008 12:48 commented on AV - Giraffly
For Angel/metallic-kiwi? I know she looooooves giraffes so that's why I'm asking. Anyway, whoever it is who gets this, I bet she/he will love it! That 'giraffly' is incredible cute :)

Arzosah @ 3/15/2008 09:54 commented on Barbarella-fied
wow kendi O.O You just keep getting better and better, girl :) Personally do I think the explosion looks cool, maybe not that realistic but the colours and the whole think looks great! Yeah, I love it!

Arzosah @ 3/15/2008 09:51 commented on Cool Beans
Heh, that's a pretty cool avatar. And kind of different from your usual theme. When i think Elise I think cutish. Great work!

Arzosah @ 1/30/2008 22:49 commented on Swedish Match

amazing work on the boxes. And wow, that used match is well made! Fantastic.
Kul också att få se lite svenska grejer här :)

Arzosah @ 1/17/2008 11:58 commented on Kitchen
personally do I really like the shinyness - even though I don't read it as wood because of that... oh well..
As always is it a pure joy to watch your stuff Tinu, you're an amazing artist. One thing that seems to always occur in your pixel art are details. And -lots- of it! Which is so amazing to see! Great work hun <3

Arzosah @ 12/26/2007 11:01 commented on Small nature
Can only say that I agree with the ones before me. Wow! Amazing!

Arzosah @ 12/26/2007 10:58 commented on Lil Dude Zipper
okay, this one actually made me smile. I agree with skamacore, definately one of the best Lil Dudes so far. Great work!

Arzosah @ 12/26/2007 10:57 commented on Girl with gold trim
oh another doller, nice :) I like her dress - though I think you can be braver when it comes to contrast (buut, heck - white is hard to shade -_-). Still, wonderful dress and gorgeous hair! Great work!

Arzosah @ 12/26/2007 10:53 commented on Pixel - Bear Gifts
aww so cute! As always :P Wonderful work, yet again: as always.

Arzosah @ 12/26/2007 10:48 commented on Ash - Old Design

Even though it's one year old (wow, it's that old? Doesn't feel like it has been that long since I saw it the first time at EE) is he still great. You have a very nice way of doing hair that I really admire - so beautiful!
Might happen that you've pixeled him a lot, but I'm definately not complaining *laughs*

Arzosah @ 12/26/2007 10:45 commented on Ash pj Avatar
*raises an eye brow* no comments yet? O.o Oh well. -I- love it. Haha we can blame the gradient hair for the colours :P Anyway, very well done (in my opinion), very detailed even though it's so small ^_^ And yes, you can do "smakk" things

Arzosah @ 12/26/2007 08:56 commented on m00!
I hope this get approved. I loved it the first time I saw it on EE and I still love it. It's simply fantastic! Gooorgeous colours, wonderful hair and aaahh the eye *loves* Very very beautiful <3

Arzosah @ 12/26/2007 08:38 commented on ClockWise

just so you know, I played around with your image and was able to go down to 35 colours without making it noticeable for the eye... :/
Anyway, I love what you've done and I honestly don't care about how many colours you use *laughs* I'm pretty good myself to use "too" many colours :P Like I said, really like it. And the colours (metal and teal) are almost your trademark XD

Arzosah @ 12/7/2007 00:43 commented on Firefox Banner
cuuute! Wow, the fox is adorable! :D

Arzosah @ 12/7/2007 00:41 commented on Unda ta sea

dogmeat: change your browser and tada - the blue background will disappear. IE 6 can't read transparent .png's correctly and adds a blue background

Anyway, nice work. I really like this one. Wonderful shading and design :)

Arzosah @ 12/4/2007 00:49 commented on Angelas Avvie 2
haha well, either can I, tell if he's drunk or dancing.. XD But like Koch said - excellent animation. Great work *thumbs up*

Arzosah @ 11/28/2007 23:05 commented on Mooncat Avatar
Aww so cute! I really like it. Adorable ^_^ Nice work!

Arzosah @ 11/28/2007 23:04 commented on Pixelation Mobster Boss

I really admire people that can pixel like this ^_^ Well made and a interesting character

Arzosah @ 11/28/2007 23:03 commented on Trinity blood
the necklace has a nice design and I think you've made a great work here *thumbs up*

Arzosah @ 11/28/2007 23:01 commented on eye
I like this one. It's "simple" but with the black background those the colours really pop out. Nice work! And beautiful work at the eyes!

Arzosah @ 11/28/2007 04:42 commented on Legend of Aurea
I like these outfits alot, especially the first pair. Really nice design.
The hair doesn't seem to fit the style though and actually sort of destroy everything.... Dunno if you were the one making the hair but it looks almost toolshaded (though when zoomed in, it doesn't).

Arzosah @ 11/28/2007 04:35 commented on Eye of symbols

dakael: it was made for himself - I can't see anywhere in the description that it's for the challenge... (but if it is... yeah then it's against the rules)

I like this one. It's "simple" and not so cluttery and the colour sort of glows against the black background. nice work ^_^