AtomicMushroom @ 8/7/2013 12:47 commented on Big Bird

 I guess I had one of those "my whole life is a lie!" moments and freaked out a little, but your guys' comments are reassuring. I'm in the middle of a sort of creative explosion atm, hopefully you'll see more from me soon.

AtomicMushroom @ 8/7/2013 11:21 commented on Big Bird

When I finished my last piece, I was really proud of it. But now when I look at it (only a week later!), I think it looks terrible :(

Has anyone experienced this? Should I fix the mistakes I see, or should I move on to another piece? 

AtomicMushroom @ 7/30/2013 10:01 commented on Big Bird

 Mathias, these are great! What program are you using?

AtomicMushroom @ 10/7/2011 02:07 commented on Meme emoticons

 These made me laugh.

AtomicMushroom @ 10/4/2011 12:45 commented on The Lost Vikings III - Vikings in arms

This is definitely my favorite piece of yours! The ogre on the last screen is fantastic

AtomicMushroom @ 10/1/2011 19:50 commented on B Team

 Good job on the sprites, the warrior is my favorite of the bunch.

The inventor looks very familiar...

AtomicMushroom @ 10/1/2011 19:43 commented on Desk

 @Frost: What is the perspective issue?

Very readable and nice colors/contrast.

AtomicMushroom @ 9/30/2011 13:28 commented on Oh yeah? Well, we have a giant undead evil panda spirit!

 No, not all. I'm all for criticsm, but when that criticsm is based on a disappointment (that I personally don't understand), it become unconstructive. It puts pressure on the artist to meet (sometimes impossibly) high expectations at the expense of experimentation and artistic growth. 

AtomicMushroom @ 9/30/2011 11:44 commented on Oh yeah? Well, we have a giant undead evil panda spirit!

 I'm tired of seeing comments like "this disappoints me" or "you can do better."

To me, this is one of my favorite pieces of Mrmo's. 

AtomicMushroom @ 9/30/2011 11:36 commented on Oh you lovely, hidden Treasure

I love how she pops out of screen. Can you make the whole team? :) 


AtomicMushroom @ 9/29/2011 15:59 commented on Morning Block

 It's not isometric, but thanks :)

AtomicMushroom @ 9/29/2011 12:41 commented on Morning Block

 Your recent pieces definitely inspired the art style for the game, Slemsvamp! Sorry I forgot to mention you 

AtomicMushroom @ 9/28/2011 23:32 commented on Dragon Twins

I like anything NES, but I love this.

AtomicMushroom @ 9/28/2011 22:43 commented on Morning Block

 Thanks for the comment. I went easy on the AA because at 2x, it looks a bit silly. I may even get rid of the AA when I use it for the game (which will be viewed at 2x).

AtomicMushroom @ 9/22/2011 20:54 commented on Yellow block

 This is perfect. 

AtomicMushroom @ 6/27/2011 22:17 commented on Emortin

 Keep 'em coming!

Your style is one of my favorites.

AtomicMushroom @ 6/27/2011 22:15 commented on THe man-eater

 I like the design, but the overall form looks flat. The individual elements are shaded nicely though :)

AtomicMushroom @ 6/26/2011 20:45 commented on Construction CAT Goes Business

Favorite concept so far. Very clever!

AtomicMushroom @ 6/26/2011 20:42 commented on Omnit Bombsmith

 Very nice pixel clusters 

AtomicMushroom @ 6/23/2011 22:49 commented on Mawio

 You need to post here more often! 

AtomicMushroom @ 6/10/2011 23:49 commented on Animals

 Thanks for the tip jal.

Thanks everyone else for the comments!

AtomicMushroom @ 6/10/2011 13:39 commented on Opossum

New one's my favorite out of the bunch. I just wanna tickle its belly :3

AtomicMushroom @ 5/22/2011 15:12 commented on More Minecraft stuff: Items!

 I'm definitely going to try this one out!

AtomicMushroom @ 5/19/2011 17:07 commented on Smooth Jazz Club

 Love the sax.

AtomicMushroom @ 5/14/2011 17:54 commented on Arcanine

 mmmmmm nice.