0xDB @ 9/8/2019 03:42 commented on Dock No4

How about these 10 then?:

0xDB @ 9/8/2019 03:33 commented on Dock No4

Huh? Are you saying the two ones(big right next to small one) on the far right count only as 1?

0xDB @ 9/7/2019 02:50 commented on Dock No4

Great work, digging all the earthy warm tones. I found 10 mushrooms:

0xDB @ 7/16/2019 03:20 commented on Big Bird

Oldest trick in the book: Provoke to gain publicity/attention. /my2cts

0xDB @ 5/21/2019 12:40 commented on Another Anime AVA

Congrats everyone! Thanks to the jury and thanks to skeddles for adding them all to lospec.

0xDB @ 5/8/2019 08:43 commented on Loose Cannon

Oh... that's awesome news! 

0xDB @ 9/8/2018 08:31 commented on Pixelation Secret Santa 2016

TY. Now that you mention it, the full black does look out of place indeed. My 2016-eyes did not catch it as feeling off but I can see it now.

0xDB @ 9/8/2018 08:28 commented on Amiga Deluxe Kickstart 1.3

I like how a decade of time has passed between posts. They also could have saved space by not storing the entire area of 320x200 and instead only a crop of it, since most of the screen is empty anyway.

0xDB @ 9/7/2018 02:57 commented on world outside

The iron bars ruin the otherwise lovely scene.

0xDB @ 2/5/2018 04:43 commented on Big Bird

Proud to own an original boxed copy of Heimdall 2 for my Amiga 500. In my memory the game is very good but I don't dare to fire it up again to have that memory shattered.

0xDB @ 9/4/2017 10:40 commented on Big Bird

Then you get to keep it all for yourself.

0xDB @ 9/4/2017 05:45 commented on Big Bird

Nice Zebra story.

0xDB @ 9/3/2017 00:31 commented on Big Bird

What is love, baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more.

0xDB @ 8/31/2017 06:40 commented on Big Bird

(Disclaimer: The words below are written from a long-term patient's perspective, not from a mental health professional's.)

Mental health issues do not ever give anyone a blanket permission to ignore whatever rules of conduct are established in a community/society. They can have a severe impact on ones ability to "function" as a human being though...
...but whatever the issues may be, they might give an explaination and such explaination might help others to feel less offended by a misbehaving individual and potentially help chosing an appropriate response (or chose not to respond at all which is often the best in my opinion) which seeks to de-escalate, but the individual should not be free of consequences of their anti-social or anti-communal behaviour. If there are no boundaries and if they are allowed to break the rules all the time without consequences, they can not learn and are denied a chance to get better and to live a more fulfilling life together with others.
Even the mentally ill(if accompanied by anti-social tendencies: I am absolutely not implying that mentally unhealthy people are anti-social in general.) need to understand and accept responsibility for their actions. It is an important part of the healing process and their path towards feeling good about themselves and as an accepted member of any society/community.
I have no doubt there will be a peaceful resolution in the long run. Sometimes it just takes a lot of time for an individual to heal and they may retreat for a while.
I am also sure, those among us here who are affected by any kind of mental health issues, mild or severe, already know that and that they will know where to seek and get professional help for their problems(offline!), so I am not pointing my finger at anyone or dropping any names. 
Those who think themselves "sane" or "healthy" or "normal" might also wish to reflect a bit more about themselves and about what they write in response to anything by anyone. Things can escalate really quickly and when in doubt, refrain from making any "clever" remark to come back at someone just because you might think it makes you look funny/cool/smart/superior/whatever or that by writing that you mysteriously "win" the conversation or something. It usually only creates more resentment on all sides, thus fragmenting the community and adding to any spread of negativity that will leak into other areas of life. There is another human being on the other side of the screen. Always remember that.
In general, we, as not being trained specialists on mental health topics, should not give advice or counsel anyone on our own, at the most, point out the behaviour we personally find unacceptable and give a reason why or if we think it's against the specific rules of this site, report to mods and let them do their job. But never speculate about any kind of suspected mental illness or even try to "heal" or "treat" someone whome we suspect to be suffering from mental health issues, even if they said themselves they suffer.
We can't do that and we can't help and will likely only cause more damage by applying whatever kitchen-table/hollywood psychology we may have picked up anywhere. If anyone knows what to do, it's the affected themselves as they are the only ones who grow to be experts on their own suffering over time.
Don't feel addressed or offended by my words if they don't apply to you. Think about them if you like, dismiss them otherwise. Peace out, thanks for reading, carry on, make some art.

0xDB @ 5/10/2017 09:30 commented on Big Bird

There is no such thing as pixel art, get over it.

0xDB @ 4/13/2017 14:12 commented on waterfalls battlefield <-- also a Mark Ferrari piece ... she even mindlessly copied the paths for the color cycling effect ... lol

0xDB @ 2/9/2017 11:19 commented on Big Bird

Just do "whois" in your gnu/linux shell. Or go via It's free. There is an address and a phone number. I presumed the mods all have each others real life numbers and addresses though.

0xDB @ 2/9/2017 09:58 commented on Big Bird

You probably got that from a WHOIS query on his domain .

0xDB @ 1/12/2017 11:31 commented on Big Bird

Last life sign appears to be a piece that was posted on 26th of December (he fav'd it). So that's just 2.5 weeks. I'm sure if anything bad happened, another mod would have already posted a news item.

0xDB @ 1/8/2017 02:38 commented on Big Bird

Yeah, though that might only work the first time and people might not fall for it again after you screwed them once.

0xDB @ 1/6/2017 14:16 commented on Big Bird

In any case, hiding something in a piece and telling folks to find it is a brilliant strategy to get them to look at it longer. 

0xDB @ 1/1/2017 03:28 commented on Big Bird

Happy new year!

0xDB @ 12/30/2016 04:04 commented on Big Bird

Not if the highest pleasure you can think of is seeing people[self included] being and doing well, each in their fields of interest and doing so for yourself as well(and first, because if you're not happy first you are also a strain and a burden to others). Taking pleasure in philosophical topics, morale, ethics, as well as science/technology and of course the arts. Maybe my definition of Hedonism is different. I also think Buddhists are Hedonists and compassion is the most hedonistic theme there is.

I think meaningful inventions and developments are primarily driven by people who do live according to their interests first and who look at the numbers second (if they even have to do so at all). But that's not my point. My point is that too many are FORCED by the system at hand to look ONLY at the numbers because they are not granted enough to be able to be free to look beyond them and thus would actually have the time and resources to THINK and by that contribute to the meaningful developments. A struggle for raw survival is forced upon them/us that disallows them the possibility to make a meaningful contribution. Meaningful in the sense of what has meaning for people not meaningful in the sense of producing ever more useless shortlived products and trying to sell them to each other to raise those numbers again.

Of course, if someone's highest pleasures are raw and mundane activities[orgies and such] and if they maximize their pleasure at the cost of others... well, that's a kind of Hedonism I would not like to see. And that's just the kind of hedonism we allow to exist with uncontrolled capitalism.

0xDB @ 12/30/2016 02:50 commented on Big Bird

It's about finding real meaning. It's an individual thing and Hedonism is the vessel. A true Hedonist could not be an exploiting psychopath because a true Hedonist could not be happy while others are not.

But again, it's an individual thing, before mankind as a whole can stop 'doing it for the numbers'. Each individual first has to ask itself and find what it wants to do if it would be allowed to care for something or someone beyond the numbers. Hedonism is the vessel for that.

Progress, machines, ai, can help with that. But again, old thought patterns need to go first.

0xDB @ 12/30/2016 02:44 commented on Big Bird

As I see it, people are busting their asses in competition for meaningless numbers, perhaps to provide stable homes for their[own] children. What I would rather like to see would be cooperation instead to provide stable homes for all humans, not just for some children but for all humans, regardless of age, 'status', personal history, sexual orientation, skin color, etc., and not just the privileged ones who were lucky enough to be born into stability or in control with some property to call their own. Basic Human Rights. Those are undermined everywhere in the name of meaningless 'Profit Maximization'. What profit? Who's profitting? And what is the gain? Just numbers. No real value. Nobody is 'winning' as long as the majority of mankind has to suffer.

There are many necessary jobs that need being done, yes. People 'willing' to do them? Not so much as being not left with much of a choice, despite low wages, lousy work conditions and long hours. Why? Profit maximization and the 'you must carry your weight' bullshit. You must, yes, maybe. But the artificially upheld conditions allow doing just that less and less. The 'working poor' are getting more and more every day. And in 'rich' countries too. 'Rich' of what? Certainly not human values. If we had those, we'd employ more people to spread the required workload over more shoulders and pay everyone more to make a decent living with fewer hours. But we don't. Why? Profit Maximization for the privileged ones.

I completely agree that machines/ai have the potential to liberate us from all that crap and to really make life better for everyone but it's not going to happen if the same old paradigms are applied and not if the same old thought patterns are kept up.

Anyway, it's all blah, blah, blah. Nothing changes. Git gud and enjoy life as best as you can. Hedonism does not have to be an 'all about YOU and everyone else can go die in a fire' attitude. It can be an inclusive Hedonism, Basic Human Rights for everyone[not just for those lucky enough to still have a job and enough payment to live a decent life] and then joy.