BabyDuka @ 5/7/2017 01:27 commented on Join our Guild! We have cake!

Love the theme and skills!

BabyDuka @ 5/4/2017 06:31 commented on Werewolf

Hey eishiya. Thanks for commenting. You might notice that my style has a bit of edge in general, so it's a bit rough, true.

BabyDuka @ 4/24/2017 06:31 commented on Info Center

It could use more work for sure I'm not restricting myself to a pallette with these sprites though. I've worked on projects with pallettes and restrictions such as 16-bit or VGA but in this project I don't have restrictions :D Thanks for the comment yahkehbu

BabyDuka @ 4/24/2017 04:57 commented on Baby Duka Logo

Thanks a lot Theoden. See you around

BabyDuka @ 4/23/2017 13:10 commented on Dude

This sounds really interesting. Looking back (I'm from 83) it was such a strange and extremely compelling thing to close my door, look through the floppies and casssettes, smack something in the drive, type the command code (I'm from Denmark and I didn't know other English than C64 language at the age of 6), glance at the psychedelic bars for x minutes, and then fall into the ocean of chip sounds and worlds of disturbed grown up developers :D

I just recently got back to playing classic titles on the C64. It's still as good. Perhaps even better.

My point is: good luck, I wish the best for this project. Long live the Commodore 64