mikemayday @ 2/7/2020 13:12 commented on Dramatic Impaler

@Christoballs - would that even be ok to post here?

mikemayday @ 7/7/2019 05:26 commented on Mines

I think that nicely simulates that the camera recording it was also destroyed!

mikemayday @ 7/5/2019 04:47 commented on Bronze Colossus

I've re-uploaded with some (lots) of extra changes.

mikemayday @ 2/10/2019 00:40 commented on LUNARK

@ Theoden: Flashback plus Prince of Persia, right?

mikemayday @ 9/1/2012 02:08 commented on The gentleman vampire

I would play the shit out of this game!

mikemayday @ 8/25/2012 17:40 commented on Coast

I would LOVE to see this animated. Great mood!

mikemayday @ 7/15/2012 07:09 commented on Chaos marine

I can't help but see this piece as if he had a :3 face.

mikemayday @ 4/24/2012 05:30 commented on Ski Free that a bear??

mikemayday @ 4/24/2012 04:31 commented on Waterfall Background

I've set this as an animated wallpaper in my Win. Thanks for this beautiful piece!

mikemayday @ 3/31/2012 17:57 commented on Big Bird

Everyobody is stupid.

Except for me.

I'm, like, SUPER stupid.

mikemayday @ 3/31/2012 04:57 commented on Big Bird

@jalonso: well that's funny because not wanting to miss new pixels is exactly why I have a problem with this :D

magan: I do visit it!

mikemayday @ 3/30/2012 09:58 commented on Tekno Dogu

Yup, I prefer this one as well. A matter of a more interesting subject maybe?

mikemayday @ 3/29/2012 16:46 commented on Big Bird

Same thing, opens the hall of fame. Further info on how it works: any bookmark will actually open whatever was clicked last (Highest Rating | Weekly Showcase | Newest Pixel Art | Monthly Top | Most Favorites | Most Comments) AFTER opening the site. If nothing was clicked yet (or the site wasn't yet opened) it opens the Hall of Fame).

mikemayday @ 3/29/2012 08:45 commented on Big Bird

Hey guys, maybe you could help me out here: I have Newest Pixelart bookmarked, but for some reason when I open the bookmark for the first time during a Firefox session, it displays the Hall of Fame. Then I have to click the actual link on the site OR click the bookmark again (clicking it twice works!)... until I restart Firefox.

Cookie problems?

mikemayday @ 3/26/2012 10:03 commented on M I L E S *

This is kind of an old case but I thought I'd try to explain.

The character design, the perspective, the form, the colours, the shading and the lineart are the work of the original creator. Your part was only transferring that from non-PA to PA. This means that if we were to criticize this piece, we'd be criticizing the work of somebody else- who wouldn't be there to make any use of the critique (be it positive or negative).

It is common to try your own shading/colourscheme on somebody's lineart- then we can post crits on the shading and colours. In this case, pretty much all we could comment on is the AA (admittedly well done IMO). But (and hopefully this answers your question) anti-aliasing itself can hardly be considered "art".

mikemayday @ 3/26/2012 03:20 commented on Nightmare Legion

Jesus, there were 24 of them? Can't believe I ever "completed" this game.

Great execution! Lots of character in every one of them!

mikemayday @ 3/23/2012 10:31 commented on Stalker

Yup, everything's perfect with this one. Great job!

mikemayday @ 3/22/2012 07:37 commented on Darkleer Album Cover

Everything's groovy here except for the perfectly straight leg.

mikemayday @ 3/21/2012 22:38 commented on Dwarven Military

Thanks! I'll look in to your proposed changes. For now I've uploaded a different version- but it looks to me that getting rid of the outlines makes them completely unreadable on a brighter background :/

mikemayday @ 3/21/2012 18:56 commented on Dwarven Military

Argh, I keep forgetting to hit reply instead of just posting :/

mikemayday @ 3/21/2012 18:50 commented on Dwarven Military

Thanks for the comments!
Is this better? For now I won't be reducing the colours- maybe when I have all the sets complete. There's also zombies and skeletons!


Anyway, the context will probably not help :P They won't be animated cause they're for the basic map display (DF vanilla doesn't even support animations). What's worse, they're supposed to be distinguishable even at 1X !

mikemayday @ 3/21/2012 16:55 commented on Wanna play?

It's been interesting to follow the WIP. Great piece, like the quirky texture.

mikemayday @ 3/21/2012 15:57 commented on A tree in the wind

Toast- you mean the one that is part of the longer sequence?

Maybe that's what's annoying louise.

mikemayday @ 3/21/2012 14:42 commented on A tree in the wind

E: sorry, forgot to use reply

mikemayday @ 3/21/2012 11:05 commented on The Itsy Bitsy Spider...