user @ 3/18/2008 13:10 commented on watermonster
Which is why It lives in the water. It does not breathe air because It lives in the water.

user @ 1/11/2008 20:18 commented on angry
i dont beleve this! not again

user @ 1/11/2008 12:51 commented on Recycle bin full
I like it tis better than the current 1

user @ 1/11/2008 12:48 commented on D dot dot
It looks like jelly =D so cute

user @ 1/9/2008 20:23 commented on A Pot/Urn
would look nice on a wooden table

user @ 1/9/2008 20:20 commented on watermonster
for the last time tis not fish nor bear tis a water monster. It looks not like a land creature but like a water creature, and does not look like a fish but looks like it should live in water.

user @ 1/9/2008 20:08 commented on watermonster
there r 2 frames what??? i didn't animate it.I didn't say it looked like a fish i said that it looked fishy which doesn't mean fish it means not an air breathing creature.

user @ 1/9/2008 15:06 commented on Smiley Set
tis adorable!!!!!

user @ 1/9/2008 15:03 commented on sjenert
this needs revision ? how does this need revision!!!

user @ 1/9/2008 15:00 commented on The kid with no freinds.
tis cute but sad

user @ 1/9/2008 14:53 commented on Seta (and gnomus)
tis vry cuuuuute

user @ 1/8/2008 01:55 commented on vore 000 test time!
interesting, ill remember that

user @ 1/7/2008 20:18 commented on the letter a
stupid photoshop !!!! Im still working on getting a file converter for mac. Im giving up on submitting things for now since nobody can see them.:(

user @ 1/7/2008 20:03 commented on Cow
Though it is clever i think it is stupid and immature and am shocked that it would be allowed in because of it's explicit humor.

user @ 1/7/2008 19:59 commented on vore 000 test time!
what is it?

user @ 1/7/2008 19:16 commented on Tree Scene for Isocity
vry pretty i like alot

user @ 1/7/2008 18:42 commented on a room :P
I like it despite the perspective and the pink

user @ 1/7/2008 18:39 commented on Improved girl that flies
he he he he he he

user @ 1/7/2008 18:36 commented on cute bear
I like it alot

user @ 1/7/2008 18:35 commented on Explosion
that is sooooooo cool.

user @ 1/7/2008 18:25 commented on water monster
I cant find conversion software for mac.I looked for at least 2 hours and not 1 was for mac. Yes i did try the apple site but it only has conversion software for sound.

user @ 1/7/2008 13:51 commented on water monster
yes why? is it still not visible?????

user @ 1/7/2008 00:37 commented on water monster
kk ill change the format maybe then people other than me can see it (this is getting vair-vair annoying) i have changed the format. can you see it now??

user @ 1/7/2008 00:02 commented on The Tree.
I like it vry much. Simple but not simple, (If you understand that)

user @ 1/6/2008 23:58 commented on water monster
you cant see it ???? dam :(