DevonR @ 1/12/2008 23:35 commented on Msn smileys
 Well I can't read every comment.

DevonR @ 1/12/2008 23:31 commented on Mario party mockup

As my cousin once said "potato potata, tomatoe tomata"

Mockup-shmockup, they are all the same to me. It is mocking mario party (hence the characters and flashy text) So to say it WASN'T mocking mario wouldn't make sense.

Love it or hate it, it's waluigi and friends. I don't have all my time to spend on these things. Besides, I'm busy beating people at mario kart DS as waluigi... It's annoying when people disconnect though  I'm just too good

DevonR @ 1/12/2008 09:33 commented on Mario party mockup
Of course it's empty, it's mario land.

DevonR @ 1/12/2008 00:26 commented on Mario party mockup

 oh fine I shall redo it by hand...

DevonR @ 1/11/2008 22:03 commented on Photios

the only letter I can read is "Ф"  which is in cyrillic.

DevonR @ 1/11/2008 22:01 commented on Wiimote
I like how you made the player 1 and 2 slots glow slightly blue... It irritates me somewhat though, nintendo should fix it.

DevonR @ 1/11/2008 12:58 commented on Old man avatar
I think it needs some anti-aliasing... and perhaps some more "realism" (i.e. realistic eyes opposed to cartoons)

DevonR @ 1/10/2008 23:49 commented on Big Bird
What is this thing for?

DevonR @ 1/10/2008 22:42 commented on Bichon MSX2

I do not like programming... let alone assembly languages.

Although chris sawyer programmed rollercoaster tycoon 1 & 2 in assembly code... with the exception of the cursors and other minor code for windows.

My congragulations to you for programming in assembly!


DevonR @ 1/10/2008 22:32 commented on Trackmania Nations 2D

reminds me of sim city #1. Or sim farm...


DevonR @ 1/10/2008 22:30 commented on Harima Kenji
the glasses and the nose bother me, but other than that it's perfect!

DevonR @ 1/10/2008 20:33 commented on Character
is this some anime-form copy of rayman?

DevonR @ 1/10/2008 20:32 commented on Nes isometric pad (controller)

It looks good... but the red text (especially the A and B) looks messy.

Good job otherwise.

DevonR @ 1/9/2008 01:48 commented on wii

The wii is great... however, my wii-mote isn't the same size as the console.

Now make a bunch of mario characters

DevonR @ 1/8/2008 21:14 commented on Self Portrait.
I really like the hair, although I think some more colour should be used, so it doesn't look as grainy.

DevonR @ 1/8/2008 21:07 commented on New Avatar

The nose is great!

This kind of looks like my cousin...

DevonR @ 1/8/2008 20:59 commented on Msn smileys

I think the colour you used for anti-aliasing is too light.

DevonR @ 1/8/2008 20:55 commented on SAD

pray tell, what is that?

DevonR @ 1/8/2008 20:07 commented on Christopher Columbus
Well it would have been too dull, I wanted to give it more atmosphere... but the trees and sky are horrible.

DevonR @ 1/8/2008 19:56 commented on Hospital Room
reminds me of theme hospital

DevonR @ 1/7/2008 02:38 commented on Desert Royalty
the shading on the fingers bothers me... but everything else looks great

DevonR @ 1/6/2008 17:38 commented on Ring Wraith [Major robe update]
Is it just me or does the hood seem a bit small? (in contrast to the rest of the robe)

DevonR @ 1/6/2008 17:36 commented on Statue, Covered

at first I didn't know what it was  (I like the graininess of the texture, probably not the best for cloth, but it would be good for other stuff)

I think the cloth should hang more and look more baggy. It kind of looks like a stone ghost

DevonR @ 1/6/2008 13:52 commented on Christopher Columbus

in 10 hours

DevonR @ 1/6/2008 01:00 commented on [2]A la chucha ctm!

the right leg looks too short, other than that I really have no critcisms.

I'll give it a 6