Ensellitis @ 6/20/2016 23:56 commented on Big Bird

hey guys. whats up?

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Go support my Lego Flux Capacitor!

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@Dennis: They are underrated if your job depends on them.  

I am lucky to get through a day with a 10% charge on mine.  One day I am gonna set airplane mode and dissapear off the face of the earth for a day or two...  Atleast that is a dream of mine...

Ensellitis @ 4/14/2012 20:29 commented on Big Bird

 @ leroy: Hardly.  My iPhone is an essential tool for my business. 

@ Delicious: I have dropped mine so many times and it still looks new.  And I have yet to put it in a case.  Maybe my awesomeness creates a low gravity field around me?



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 I are is only is stupiderest if I are not thinking of stuff things.  Otherwisest I is pretty not dumb.

Ensellitis @ 3/31/2012 17:47 commented on Big Bird

 Correct, a lot people are stupid

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 I need it pouring out of a statue, Jal.  Read my mind, man...  Seriously, WTF? ;)

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 Looking for someone who can make some good looking flowing water for a client project.  Send me a msg if interested, and with your cost.

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 Sadly, not the first time if been compared to herpies.  :)

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 old new year?  that makes my brain ache...  thats like saying i celebrate my previous birthday a year after...  lol

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 stretch marks are my badges of honor, jal!!! :P 

Ensellitis @ 4/8/2010 16:57 commented on Medici

 holy hell.  nice work, old man.  your skills have obviously gotten better from the last time i was here.

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 sorry guys to screw up a already screwed up world.  but as of 11:42am, there is now a tiny ensellitis among us O_o

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 Best wishes to you, my friend.

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Careful, Jal.  Don't want to break a hip now

Ensellitis @ 9/16/2009 07:46 commented on Swagga

very nice work

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i have 2 coconuts.  no, no...  3.  oh, there is another one.  wtf?  5 now?  where the hell did these coconuts come from??

THERE IS ANOTHER ONE!  i am sick of coconuts!  shit, there is another one!  NOOO!

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never really left, just personal issues prevented me from being active.  i am always watching over my minions.

Ensellitis @ 1/12/2009 09:17 commented on Big Bird
no.  i refuse.                                                    

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i think this is one of the better challenges yet with it being so versatile and restricting at the same time

Ensellitis @ 11/11/2008 08:50 commented on Done like a bitch
its not a bullet

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tattoo convention starts in one hour!!!

Ensellitis @ 9/6/2008 13:47 commented on Big Bird
ok, fixed