whiterabbit @ 9/8/2008 02:23 commented on Fat guy
haha... this is cool. gotta love those punk-ass fat guys

whiterabbit @ 8/31/2008 20:17 commented on Testosterone Bunny
heh. thats not a bad idea... i might just draw sam and max next

whiterabbit @ 8/31/2008 01:02 commented on do not fuck with him
i... can't... it won't let me for whatever reason

whiterabbit @ 12/17/2007 20:50 commented on Nine ladies dancing
when i first saw it i thought it was nine transvestites dancing. perhaps it was the flat chests or maybe it was the lack of hair. but whatever, i like it regardless.

whiterabbit @ 12/5/2007 23:36 commented on Wayne Static
the right hand side of wayne's body looks a little flat, but i don't care this is fucking cool.

whiterabbit @ 12/2/2007 23:21 commented on go submarine go
@greenraven: thanks! thats actually just what i needed.

@metaro: i would be honored if anyone used this as an avatar. heh.

alright. well i guess i'm done with this. im not completely happy with it in the least but i guess its okay.

whiterabbit @ 11/30/2007 22:35 commented on go submarine go
haha thanks
i would've added more length, but it seems that iaza cuts you off at 15 frames and i don't know of a good animation software.

whiterabbit @ 11/30/2007 17:40 commented on the super cool awesome action adventures of mister submarine and also the jellyfish too
@ilkke: thanks for both the advice on the piece and on the animation.
i think that your simple solution will do the trick...

also i got rid of the dithering on the sides.

whiterabbit @ 11/30/2007 12:02 commented on EGA Mockup
Definitely has that classic "apogee" feel to it. Just one problem though... Its well known that heroes in EGA games can't swim. In fact they can't die if water touches them. So how the hell is he going to reach the terrorists? No, but seriously, this rocks.

whiterabbit @ 11/29/2007 23:10 commented on the super cool awesome action adventures of mister submarine and also the jellyfish too
yeah i started an animation, got frustrated because of the damn propeller, and well, yeah, that was it. I will probably try one in the next few days.

whiterabbit @ 11/29/2007 14:33 commented on Master Shake
best episode in the world. nice character too.

whiterabbit @ 11/29/2007 14:04 commented on Smokin' And Drinkin'
this is really awesome. the colors and expressions are the best part.

whiterabbit @ 11/29/2007 13:20 commented on big moon sky
I really like this a lot... its simple and elegant.

whiterabbit @ 11/27/2007 21:59 commented on white rabbit avvy
should i take it out, then?

whiterabbit @ 11/25/2007 16:51 commented on turkey avvy
wow. you should definitely do a christmas themed scarab. it would be very cool.