CaTZ @ 3/14/2009 22:30 commented on SteamPunk T-Rex

Made another update, this time, I manage to reduce the colors to 32

CaTZ @ 3/10/2009 22:46 commented on SteamPunk T-Rex

thanks for the comments guys! I have a new version that I manage to reduce the color to 62, it's not much, but it's still work :P

CaTZ @ 11/10/2008 01:41 commented on Hovering pixels
ooooh, me like :D

CaTZ @ 11/2/2008 18:54 commented on Tale of the Old Woman
@igor K.: Glad that you are, the monster was green :P but I though I go with what camera would produce :)

CaTZ @ 11/2/2008 18:52 commented on Tale of the Old Woman
-Fizz-: Yeah, I had difficulties doing the furs, maybe I should just follow what fawful did with his furs :)

CaTZ @ 11/2/2008 18:51 commented on The beastly beast of pixel joint
very unusual :) You do better furs than I did :)

CaTZ @ 11/2/2008 18:49 commented on Beast proof
great job to add the mystery :D