Eretzoum @ 10/4/2017 23:46 commented on Dirty Harry animation

Thank you very much DexRunner! Indeed Clint is very tall! I haven't played the NES game but i should.

Eretzoum @ 10/4/2017 00:13 commented on Not so clean

Thank you Ed Cetera!

Eretzoum @ 10/1/2017 23:13 commented on A.M. 180

How do you submit for a challenge?
I submited a new pixel art and checked the box submit to challenge some days ago but it's still on awaiting aproval

Eretzoum @ 6/29/2017 01:50 commented on Cave

Thank you very much!

Eretzoum @ 6/19/2017 23:42 commented on Cave

Ok I uploaded the original

Eretzoum @ 6/18/2017 09:05 commented on Cave

The original size is only 192x128, should i upload that?