wtenshi @ 8/5/2009 04:30 commented on Emeralda

Everytime I see her I think she's cute  XD

Yeah, I guess the arm thickness is much better, but now the hand looks big (or maybe I'm just being annoying now)

About skin color, I liked both palettes  =)

wtenshi @ 8/4/2009 05:43 commented on Emeralda

I love the game and I love the character  ^^

I wish the series could be done as planned in the beginning, the story was so good and promising, didn't like Xenosaga so much.

I think you did a great job coloring her, but I see some proportion issues (her arm has the same thickness of her legs?). Anyway, nice work!!

wtenshi @ 8/4/2009 03:38 commented on BlazBlue- Taokaka

Thank you for the favs and comments  =)

@Dex, thank you very much for pointing those things out. I'll definitely try to improve it before going to the next character.

If there are points to be improved, please feel free to comment and suggest. Only constructive comments, please.

wtenshi @ 8/3/2009 18:28 commented on Masked Rider The Next V3

Oh my god, this is so cute. I think you should make more of these (Heisei ones?)

wtenshi @ 2/20/2009 05:27 commented on Witch
Thank you for the comments and the favs, I'm glad you liked it  ^^

wtenshi @ 1/3/2008 03:07 commented on Nouhime
Thank you for the comments, I'll take some time to try to improve it  =)

And no, the intention wasn't to be top view, hehe
just used more or less the same proportions of Nobunaga

wtenshi @ 12/18/2007 03:33 commented on Merry Christmas...
Awn, this is so absolutely cute

wtenshi @ 12/13/2007 07:15 commented on Stand user
Thank you for comments and the welcome  ^__^

wtenshi @ 11/28/2007 11:58 commented on The Inner Depths of Natalie's Consciousness
Gorgeus coloring, I really liked this!
Faving  =)