Kuro-qu @ 8/3/2017 05:05 commented on Aki

I still love this so much ! I really love your style of coloring and the fact that she looks like some Game Character in your style makes it somehow even more interesting. 
I really like how your coloration and shading still looks so warm and soft even though you use black as the outline Color.

All in All I'm just so happy that I commissioned you and the Chibi headshot looks so amazingly cute !
Thanks again for this wonderful artwork c:

Kuro-qu @ 7/26/2017 06:42 commented on The Book Of Evil

Thank you ! And sure ! c:

Kuro-qu @ 7/26/2017 06:15 commented on The Book Of Evil

Ah okay, thanks for the advice ! I don't have it on a seperate layer but I still try to edit the picture. But again thank you, I really appreciate the tip !