purpletree @ 10/4/2012 02:16 commented on Walking by the mountain.

 The background is awesome! but... the birdman looks unfinished? 

purpletree @ 9/29/2012 22:07 commented on Jaymonius Laughs

 Make the BG transparent and then its great~

purpletree @ 9/23/2012 02:57 commented on A tree

 I love the tree, but I think it'll look better without the grass ^^

purpletree @ 9/23/2012 02:55 commented on Smile 1


purpletree @ 9/22/2012 22:56 commented on Fishbowl


purpletree @ 1/12/2010 23:07 commented on Big Bird

 hmm anyone else use chrome???

purpletree @ 1/8/2010 21:09 commented on The best kind of Plumber

 You should animate the whole thing... but still its cool!~

purpletree @ 1/7/2010 22:58 commented on Suggestiveness 4 "The Venus something or other trap"

 haaaa fuuny!!!

purpletree @ 1/7/2010 22:44 commented on muetzenlui

 Pretty cool ~~~

purpletree @ 1/7/2010 01:20 commented on A Tree

 Tree looks awesome~~~

purpletree @ 9/7/2009 00:47 commented on the simpsons

hmm cool game,

@ Hatch: I have a simple theory... the missile.bombs don't appear on the widowed corridors and cranes, and never more than one in a row... :)

Pretty Simple hey... lol

purpletree @ 9/6/2009 00:05 commented on Skate Deck - City

This is pretty cool.. maybe you should make more skateboards with logos/pictures??? :):)

purpletree @ 9/5/2009 23:54 commented on Pixel me - Angled

Is it me or is there a stray pixel near her hand??? :P

purpletree @ 7/3/2009 21:29 commented on And there was LIGHT!

thats wayyyy better now!!!

purpletree @ 7/3/2009 04:39 commented on And there was LIGHT!

hmm. u stil have two days left til the challenge ends, why not head back to the WIP forum and try to make the lines a little bit more less-bumpy and more smoothe, like people mentioned.. it could do with some serious touchups to look better. :P

purpletree @ 7/2/2009 21:17 commented on Paradise Tiles 3

 Yeah, you should take the character out....

purpletree @ 7/2/2009 17:06 commented on 090604

it's very cute

purpletree @ 7/2/2009 16:59 commented on Red-bot

like i said before i couldn't find the ref image. read before you type, and from since when was i a troll

purpletree @ 7/2/2009 16:51 commented on Gir

geeezz we only wanted to know what it was doing ><

purpletree @ 7/2/2009 16:04 commented on O HOLY ONE

Pretty cooollll... but yea like eyverone else said maybe change the preview? :P

purpletree @ 7/2/2009 16:03 commented on Venom Avatar

umm what is it??? I;m guessing an evil face?

purpletree @ 7/2/2009 16:02 commented on Gir

what is it actaully doing???? eating its tongue??? and why are the cheeks higher tha his eyes???

purpletree @ 7/2/2009 05:31 commented on Big Bird

 yeah enojy your vacation~~~ hhmmm when i wonder when our holidays start...

purpletree @ 7/1/2009 05:52 commented on SPRINGY

hmm maybe after I've finished the mockup I;m working on, I'll make the SPRINGY jump or something...!!

purpletree @ 6/30/2009 18:28 commented on The Malton CityMap

yea there is grey on the bottome left corner? is that just me?