littlesapphire @ 12/11/2010 16:43 commented on Quest for the Holy Python

Wow, awesome job.  I love the dithering in the sky.  The whole atmosphere is very nice. 

littlesapphire @ 12/10/2010 14:47 commented on Squid

That's really cute, and somehow very feminine.  I like it, though the squidiness only shows through for me in the way the eyes rest on the head.

littlesapphire @ 12/9/2010 14:40 commented on Burger Time

That is so adorable.  Great job on this one.

littlesapphire @ 12/7/2010 11:25 commented on Hole

This piece is so enchanting.  It really has the feel of a deep wood at night.  So eriee and mysterious.  Really awesome palette, too.  On one hand I agree that it should be refined slightly, but on the other I feel that the sloppiness adds to the atmosphere. 

littlesapphire @ 12/2/2010 11:01 commented on Fudge Nut Sludge Monster

I love how he's crying chocolate chips!  It is hard to read as a piece of fudge, though.  Nevertheless, nice work on this one.

littlesapphire @ 12/1/2010 18:14 commented on pillow shade

Yeeeaaah..  the pillow shading makes it look grosly disfigured.

littlesapphire @ 12/1/2010 11:45 commented on Twinheaddragon

That's pretty nice.  I like the palette and the design of the body.  However, I think it could have been a really impressive piece if you hadn't mirrored the wings and legs.

littlesapphire @ 12/1/2010 04:41 commented on Krayt Chragon

I'm  little disappointed you didnt' leave this in the WIP forum longer.  It's slightly better than when you started, but I feel like it could be much better.  Good luck, though.

littlesapphire @ 12/1/2010 04:37 commented on MUSSE DE CHOCOLATE - MIERDINSKY

Teehee, it does look like an angry pile of poo.  It's really good technically.  The animation is awesome.  I think the dithering might help it look more like poo...  real chocolate mousse is very shiny.  Hmmm...  Maybe a little whipped cream on top would set everyone straight :)  Nice job, though, and good luck!

littlesapphire @ 12/1/2010 04:35 commented on Doe

Pshaw!  DOn't listen to these dorks.  I think she looks great!  

littlesapphire @ 11/30/2010 18:46 commented on Fae Bride

:D Mine too.

littlesapphire @ 11/30/2010 18:44 commented on Doe

Aha, but female reindeer have antlers.

littlesapphire @ 11/30/2010 17:11 commented on Rancher!

Wow, that's awesome.  The simplisity is so delicious.  Great job on this one.

littlesapphire @ 11/30/2010 13:18 commented on Cupcake Bear Monster

Mmm, sweet monstrosities.  I'd like to visit.  With a fork.

I'm digging the idea, and for some reason I'm really fond of the cyan shading on the white, but the bottom half seems weird to me.  Is it supposed to be a cupcake liner?

littlesapphire @ 11/30/2010 10:52 commented on organic iPhone

Congrats on third place!  I voted for you, simply because I love the colors and clean lines.

littlesapphire @ 11/30/2010 09:32 commented on 0 Rabbit

It's pretty good for a first attempt.  Good job on keeping the color count down; that's usually a big problem for new pixel artists (I know I went through a phase of using about a hundred more colors than I needed).

I would suggest that you stay away from dithering until you better understand it.  For a piece this small, the dithering more adds texture than anything.  I think for this piece, some simple cel shading would have been the best route.  Keep working on it, though.  You'll get better!

littlesapphire @ 11/29/2010 19:35 commented on Adam Strange

Oh hey, good idea :)

littlesapphire @ 11/29/2010 19:27 commented on Adam Strange

Well, I was thinking something gummy.  Or possibly ribbon candy.  If not,  I'm alright with that.  I just thought I'd ask :)

littlesapphire @ 11/29/2010 19:01 commented on X-Men Evolution: Rogue - Idle

I'm gonna have to agree with Cure.  I was totally avoiding looking at it because the preview didn't look like it would amount to much.

However, the sprite is quite good.  The left leg (our right) looks off.  I think it's because the leg curves so much, but the boot is straight up and down.

littlesapphire @ 11/29/2010 18:51 commented on Big Bird

Jão, you would have made Leslie proud.

littlesapphire @ 11/29/2010 16:56 commented on Adam Strange

So...  does candy count, by chance?  I don't think so, but I thought I'd ask.

littlesapphire @ 11/29/2010 16:43 commented on tanith


Ahem.  Yes.  Well.  I was once a cyberpet person (back when cyberpets were static images on a page).  Those were the days... 

As a pixel artist, I agree with you about everything; it needs more contrast, the light source is kind of wonky, it's shiny... but as a cyberpeter, this is so sweet.

littlesapphire @ 11/27/2010 20:20 commented on Elvis 41x41

These are really cute little Elvis sprites.  I like the simple form that easily conveys the shape.  It's kind of bugging me that there are 25 colors used, though.  I feel like you could have used half that many.

Nevertheless, nice job!

littlesapphire @ 11/26/2010 20:01 commented on Old helicopter icon

Wow, this is really cool!  Really fun and simple animation.  Good job.

littlesapphire @ 11/26/2010 20:00 commented on Bullos

I like this guy better, anatomy-wise, but the other one does have more character, like Demon said.  But since I like the clean, simple look better, I think I like this one better.