Di0xygen @ 2/21/2019 19:14 commented on Gorgon

Thanks a lot. I don't think gorgons had actual shyness toward covering those mamaries, but I still took a stylistic liberty towards a little bit of fashion sense, I imagine some kind of mythical H&M between the sacred tower of the thunder mage Galleo, and the mountain pass leading into the depth of the dwarven Rockopolis, Bouldertown. The fair elf maiden behind the braided vines sales counter uses her third eye, a very rare gift some teenage elves might get through leniage alone, to give back the 5 gold peice of change owed to the gorgon, whose name really is not important, but for the sake of storytelling I suppose her close friends like to call her Crooked snake behind her back. 

The Gorgon who is the main character here, grabs the 5 gold with her favorite snake, Bright eyes she calls her, and slither away towards the pass to bouldertown. She had found a job there 3 moon cycles ago. Well that's what she was telling her friends back home, she was was actually down in the Gravel Pit, the dry and fairly unconfortable undercity of Bouldertown.

-Look this ain't bad, She told herself on the way to her flat. I don't got the best gaze. yeah of couse my snakes ain't all that, but I can still petrify most everyone, and It ain't  great work, it ain't honest, but that troll shaman pays well and I get to use ma gaze. 


Anyway that's just me. Probably didn't happen that way at all...

Di0xygen @ 1/30/2011 06:55 commented on American Ninja Delivery Girl

@s.barbarie: Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it.

Di0xygen @ 1/22/2011 13:41 commented on American Ninja Delivery Girl

@A.B. Lazer: I do admit i went a bit overboard with the anatomical distortions. It's something I do like to push to the limit of the ridiculous because to be honest if I don't i always feel it seems not enough volontary and more like anatomical mistakes. I have no idea if it's the right way to go but it's something i really enjoy to do. Oh and it's just a kind of a trademark of mine, i rarely do both arms, if any for that matter. I find it more fun to explore the human forms in the same way I would treat abstract art, without boundries or logic. I simply try to make it eye pleasing, if that ever works :P

@Carnivac: I do feel the same way as you there, although I am quite satisfied with the end result of this peice, there's a lot of pixelling skills I lost when i switched over almost full time to traditional mediums. Mostly patience :P

Di0xygen @ 1/22/2011 02:56 commented on American Ninja Delivery Girl

@Adarias: Sorry to hear you hate it. :P As far as animation goes, that's really something I should get around to learn, I fail miserably at animation. Wish I didnt.

@Jalonso: Thanks you :D

@Mochimandias: Thanks, I was thinking about it and will probably do 1-2 more if inspiration knocks at my door again.

Di0xygen @ 6/1/2010 19:36 commented on Big Bird

Holy! Paul Robertson is doing the visuals for the Scot Pilgrim videogame!

Di0xygen @ 2/23/2010 13:08 commented on Spacefighter_A

That reminds me so much of Starcontrol 2, I looks like a ship coming out of hyperspace. Great job

Di0xygen @ 2/22/2010 19:49 commented on --Chocoboish--

@tomic yeah i see what you mean, I guess it's simply an old habit I have of always painting at very high resolutions. i'm simply used to it :P When i sketch it doesn't make a difference really tho

Di0xygen @ 1/3/2010 04:01 commented on Sketchy face

I have to say the only ""next gen"" Rpg. (by next gen i mean, not old skool) Was chrono cross, for the simple fact that they completely removed random battles and powerleveling. And had a very complicated and well driven storyline. It's biggest flaw was that most of the time the story was a bit too complicated, and it's sometime a bit hard to make heads or tails of what is going on.

But having 60+ completely different playable characters each with a wonderful and distinc personality is great. A great sequel to a perfect oldskool rpg

Di0xygen @ 10/22/2009 10:12 commented on Perfectly accurate Portrait

cocazero : the head is meant to be ridiculous, it's agnry Faic look it up :P


susuwataris: thanks a lot :D

Di0xygen @ 10/8/2009 13:07 commented on Simple Tree

there is a pretty massive inconsitency between the bottom part and the top part.. sems like you used 2 different shading method to draw the leaves

but its overall quite nice


Di0xygen @ 10/8/2009 06:00 commented on Warrior

This is extremely good. I love most everything about it. The background is a bit sub-par compared to the figure, yet it really doesnt disctract from the overall feeling of the peice.

Di0xygen @ 10/6/2009 21:17 commented on --Golf?--

Jalonso: thanks a lot, i'm happy to be back in business :D


Di0xygen @ 10/6/2009 20:38 commented on --Golf?--

necro: not a bad idea, really, i may think about it :D


Philipp: haha yes i see what you mean. I was quite lazy on the golf club and it's not really nicely done..

Di0xygen @ 10/6/2009 08:28 commented on Big Bird

yay i found realised i still had some pixelart skillz hidden somewhere deep within me, i guess that means ill start pixelling again.

Di0xygen @ 10/6/2009 08:13 commented on Mermaid

The shading work is really good, but i presonally dont like the pose, seems a bit boring.


But like i said, the shading is fucking marvelous. Fav :d

Di0xygen @ 10/4/2009 16:28 commented on Rashad

the hairs are great, the face is good, the colors dont really match the hair. Also the neck and shirt look unfinished to me


nice composition tho, its a nice portrait

Di0xygen @ 5/15/2009 09:21 commented on Queen of Shrooms

Nightmare: Thanks a lot for the comment. The arm is simply in an oddly shaped position, but totally feasible.


Squirrel: thanks a lot for that comment :D  as for the arm its only a case of foreshortening that i should of amplified a bit. Her arm is in a completely possible position, its simply badly presented in a pixel form :( and i am to happy with her hand to try and redo it.

Di0xygen @ 5/14/2009 18:07 commented on Ice bat swing

Its a very nice animation. It could be more smooth, but still very good. Also i dont like the little end with the flowing hair, seems unnatural, maybe you should simply make a return to idle animation to make everything loop nicely :D

Di0xygen @ 5/14/2009 09:28 commented on 2yr @ PJ

I jus realised that i kind of see the shape of a penis on the moon surface, It could be me :P


yet i'm probably wrong :P since I see penises everywhere all the time

Di0xygen @ 5/13/2009 12:09 commented on Sonic?

Vertigo: Thanks a lot for the comment. Weird is my middle name :P Also, i have to admit, he is completely off balance, when i mirrored it, i realised how impossible the pose was :P


Folk: Thanks a lot, i really appreciate that :D

Di0xygen @ 5/12/2009 08:56 commented on Big Bird

Vertigo: tried the game, its quite nice and fun, but it's a shame its doesnt seem possible to play with against a cpu. playing it alone is quite hard :P


Di0xygen @ 5/12/2009 08:48 commented on Big Bird

Vertigo: I'm currently downloading your game

Di0xygen @ 5/12/2009 06:51 commented on Sonic?

Skooba-dude: Thanks for the input. I kind of see where you're going with the abs/arm thing. I really like mannerism and i try to push my art style in that way, wich explain the impossible torsion and body deformations.



Di0xygen @ 5/11/2009 20:30 commented on Sonic?

Kalango: Thanks for the comment, the hair was really fun to do. I personally didn't want to add the shoes because i would be too much representative of the sonic character, and I wanted to stay as far away from it as possible and still keep the sonic look.

Smk: Thanks a lot, If I was not that lazy, I thought about making a M.U.G.E.N Character with that guy. But yeah, that would be too time consuming and huge projects bore me. Thanks for the idea tho, a beat-them-up would be fun to make.

Chace: Thanks a lot. It took me quite a while to figure out wich skin color to use. Needed quite a lot of messing around to find the perfect hue.. Especially for the blue parts.

Di0xygen @ 1/14/2008 08:47 commented on Red Boy
   Hmm can we dig pixelart we made for example deviantart that are much older, because my first pixelart on pixeljoint  is in the hall of fame DX would be quite a challenge to remake it.