Svetyac @ 12/18/2015 15:27 commented on Space Fighter Portrait

Awesome piece!

Svetyac @ 2/3/2008 14:23 commented on Paladin
Thanks mate :)

You're right, I did this piece on pixelation with a lot of C&C and help from the guys.

Svetyac @ 2/1/2008 17:55 commented on Trank
Haha, love it! Great work mate :)

Svetyac @ 1/31/2008 16:31 commented on Paladin
Hehe, keep'em coming :)

The old preview is gone for good ;) thinking of some template to present the future works though.

Svetyac @ 1/29/2008 11:04 commented on Black and Golden snake.
I am always amazed what people can do with only few pixels! Love it.

The only thing that bothers me are the black shades on the bottom part of her body. They merge with the black outline creating double pixels and thus makes the piece look a bit jaggy on the bottom part. But I am not experienced pixel artist and I might be wrong.

Svetyac @ 1/29/2008 10:47 commented on Paladin
Hvala! :)

I am already working on something new. Having sweet headache with the lineart :S Once I get done with the base it goes in the WIP section. With tutors like you I'm sure I won't fail ;) That's a big NO! to the pillow shading in the next piece :)

Svetyac @ 1/28/2008 10:14 commented on Paladin
Thanks for the comments guys

Svetyac @ 1/27/2008 19:00 commented on Lightbringer
Thanks for the reply's guys :)

Yes, the shading was sweet torment. I cannot accurately say how much hours I spent on it, but it was 2 months of not-so-casual pixeling. And with me being new pixeler, with the size of the sprite, and with the fundamental anathomy problems I had it took it's toll :)

Question to the mods of PJ. Is it please possible to delete this entry. I already updated the other entry (the golden version of the character with this sprite too). I realized that I could've merged them both and post them as one pic. It's not fair to get 6 points for recolored version only.

Sorry for making this trouble. I should've been more aware before posting, and I promise not to repeat this kind of mistake in the future.


Svetyac @ 1/27/2008 09:12 commented on Kings
A perfect example what you can do with only few pixels.  I dig it!