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 Good bye Jessica.

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 10% in exp is more like it. ;\ Although I will say that when it is that you do level up, it's like you've conquered the world or something; it's an achievement on its own. *sigh*

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 gchat is a messenger made by Google. (is it google talk?) well, if you do use msn, would you like to add me in? yspark901@msn.com

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 I'm a huge fan of Megaman! Are you a big fan of Street Fighter series too?

I'd love to continue this conversation, and I think it's better if we use a chat program. I use msn messanger and gchat. how about you?

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 Oh yeah, there's that one too. I think I've played a bit, got to the first part which I believe was a cave with lots of stairs. Didn't play more than that though. I should continue on with that. You look like you're also a big Ys fan! :D

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 Ah I see. thanks for the info, I'll definately try them out in the near future.

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Are you referring to the I & II complete? isn't that for the DS, or is there a pc version too?

What I'm more interested in is the stuff Falcom's been doing with YS 6, and Origin, along with their other titles. Really interesting and beautiful way to utilize 3d graphics while still keeping the beauty of the sprite work.

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 Thank you! :D Actually, the face is closer to Ragnarok Online character faces. But Ys is one of my favorite game series of all time, espeically Ys eternal for win 95, and that influence may show up here and there.

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Do you think it's the color that's pulling them too close to each other? I thought that the design of their appearance itself was apart from each other enough. (Though I do agree that spearman and maceman is a bit too close.) What do you think the weapon of choice should be for that knight? He's supposed to be the most basic cavalry unit with a balanced ability, not leaning heavily towards one way or another.

Thanks for the crit, I appreciate it.

P.S.  your newest piece has a rather different style from your other works, and the simpler shading and the shapes even reminds me a bit of Kenneth Fejer. Is the piece for the Partisan game you're involved with? I've been a big fan, so it surprised [ pleasant of course, :D ] me quite a bit to see that you've commented on my piece. Always looking forward to more of your work.

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 Thought I'd get that crit about the little dragon at one point or another.

Yeah, I agree it is a bit flat; it's actually not finished. The shape of the dragon thing is, but I wasn't sure how to go about texturing and rendering him out. Right now, it's just in a very basic flesh tone with one light and one dark tone. I think it'd be interesting for him to have a bit of a scale-y feel along with random spots like dragons do, but I don't want that to be distracting. Any ideas on how you would go about making the dragon better? I'd love to hear them out. :)

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 If you think FF series is tedious, try a korean MMO.

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