mobichan @ 4/24/2008 10:34 commented on Melissa stand

It has a lot of character.  Nice Job.  But I agree that the foot sliding is sort of odd.  Maybe just have the feet stay still and tap the heel to imply the legs are bending?  Right now I can't tell if the legs are sliding in and out (front to back) and we are seeing it at a 3/4 angle or if the legs are moving apart.

mobichan @ 3/29/2008 06:54 commented on Medusa's Entanglement

Thanks for all the kind words.  I had considered giving the dizzy snakes some motion, but the original idea was that she was brushing them out so they would stay still.

Bloo: It has 6 frames.  I thought about adding more, but I didn't have a lot of time to work on this one and tried to stretch as few frames as I could.

mobichan @ 3/26/2008 14:06 commented on Gilrean Anarion
NPA = Non-pixel Art.  If you used a type tool and filled it with a gradient, people here would not consider that pixel art.  Pixel art is when you place each pixel by hand.  It looks like you used a type tool and then filled it by hand, which seems fine to me, since it saves time.  But a lot of pixel artists don't like when you use more than a pencil tool. 

mobichan @ 3/25/2008 13:35 commented on Kyoru's Cloud

Somehow I doubt I will be winning this one.  But I can always hope.    I think 7even definitely hit a sweet spot in terms of challenge theme.

(edit)  It seems like this was really 7 different challenges, so maybe we could vote for the top 3 pieces in each character class?

mobichan @ 2/25/2008 18:35 commented on Who? ME??!!
The expression somehow reminds me of Jason Lee.  Great image.  Maybe you could add some condiments to the table.

mobichan @ 2/25/2008 18:33 commented on A Little Nightcap
Thanks for the compliments.  Just to make sure, can everyone tell what the weapon is?  I started showing the image to some people today and they weren't able to tell.  Maybe a couple frames of animation would make it better.

mobichan @ 2/12/2008 09:10 commented on The Shack

Thanks all for the words of encouragement.  And while I don't think I am remotely at the level of Fool, I do like to look at his pieces for inspiration.

Ilkke: I appreciate the criticisms.  I haven't had good critique since school, and I post here (and at Pixellation) to try and get feedback.  I usually start with 3 tones per color and choose my darkest color to work with all colors in the piece.  I love keeping the color count low normally, but this piece was my first attempt at using more colors.  I'm not making any excuses, just letting you know.  ^_^  I'd love to hear any suggestions on what you specifically think is wrong with the clouds or how you would handle the suface textures to better define their materials.  I often feel my color use is so so (too localized, not vibrant enough, etc) so I think each piece I do these days is a way for me to push myself in directions I didn't feel comfortable going before.  Thanks for your frankness.

And on a side note, this piece was done just before the challenge entry (windmill) piece, so it would probably not be better.