Christoballs @ 1/24/2022 01:53 commented on Banner Top10 Canciones 2021

Looks good!
Personally, I would check your colours: you have about 30 colours which are only present in one pixel or one frame, which you could probably merge with similar colours in the palette.

The layer effect you've used for the visor creates a black line where it overlaps on the background, so I would consider making that an intermediate colour between cyan and purple instead.

Hope to see more and good luck with the commissions

Christoballs @ 1/22/2022 07:20 commented on stylish boy

I vote green
Well done doggo!

Christoballs @ 1/19/2022 09:42 commented on super_stormette

Wow, I like how the character is made up of separate wobbly pieces!
Great and unexpected to see some stuff from you after so long!

Christoballs @ 1/19/2022 05:51 commented on Lavender

I like the way you drew the lavender!

Christoballs @ 1/19/2022 02:08 commented on --

Nice one! I would have actually left AA out completely, because I think the rest of the piece works well without it. I like how minimal the snow is, too!

Christoballs @ 1/12/2022 14:13 commented on Big Bird

I'm also worried about tomic.

Christoballs @ 1/12/2022 02:40 commented on Retro Power

Nicely done, I'm sure they loved it!

Christoballs @ 1/10/2022 06:24 commented on The Dragon Hunter

Love this. Hope to see it on CSDB :D

Christoballs @ 1/9/2022 05:29 commented on Portraits

I like what you've done with the pixel strokes/ hatching!

Christoballs @ 1/9/2022 05:27 commented on Bathhouse

Fantastic use of Speccy restrictions It lends itself so well to the building!

Christoballs @ 1/9/2022 05:23 commented on *another* Forest RPG mockup

Looks like it could be a GBC mockup. Also, dither tiles are cool!

Christoballs @ 1/7/2022 01:52 commented on Headsman Jack

Nice one! Remember to submit the art at 100%, you can adjust zoom on PJ, or with the FixelJoint extension in your browser. :)

Christoballs @ 1/4/2022 06:19 commented on Alfa164

классная анимация! вы уменьшили цветовую палитру при экспорте в .gif? кажется, что у вас много паразитных пикселей, и некоторые из них "дергаются", как в окнах или в противотуманных фарах.

Christoballs @ 1/4/2022 06:13 commented on zx-time

здравствуйте! не могли бы вы представить фотографию в размере 100%? спасибо!
если есть только 2 цвета, черный и синий, то кажется, что у вас их гораздо больше. возможно, это потому, что он был сохранен как jpeg? посмотрите на свой файл внимательнее.

Christoballs @ 12/30/2021 03:33 commented on Small Creatures

It's a Japanese RPG franchise:

Christoballs @ 12/29/2021 11:30 commented on In secret santa, no one can hear you scream - present for Sedicebisonte

So cute

Christoballs @ 12/29/2021 04:10 commented on Small Creatures

Shin Megami inspired? Nice!

Christoballs @ 12/29/2021 02:28 commented on Black Talon Dagger

Beautiful line-up this month, one of my favourites of this past year! Congrats

Christoballs @ 12/28/2021 07:24 commented on Year End Self Portrait

Couldn't assess this on likeness, but it is a nice portrait regardless

Christoballs @ 12/27/2021 03:35 commented on Thou Shalt Not Pass

That's a really high fade lol

Christoballs @ 12/27/2021 03:24 commented on Weekly Challenge Submission

Is he blowing on those sausages?

Christoballs @ 12/26/2021 08:46 commented on secret santa

I love this piece
Like I said in the stream, I liked how it looks like an engraving, thanks to the dark lines and script font. The green and red passes really give this a retro illustration vibe, too, plus I like what you've done with the patterns.

Thank you so much

Christoballs @ 12/24/2021 17:21 commented on secret santa 2021 surprise

And yes, tested them, they work! You can export them as .prg with MultiPaint.

Christoballs @ 12/24/2021 17:14 commented on secret santa 2021 surprise

More C64 goodness this year?? We truly are spoiled!
Thanks for making this for SeDiceBisonte, it's a treat

Christoballs @ 12/23/2021 12:37 commented on Secret Santa 2021

Yay! I made it in Playscii, with the MS Paint palette (which I know you like), and with JP Le Breton's take on PETSCII charset (jpetscii).