Christoballs @ 9/14/2021 01:09 commented on Moertel's Spacestation

This is cute

Christoballs @ 9/14/2021 01:08 commented on Alien Astronaut

The end result is pretty smooth, I like how flat the shadow areas are in contrast.

Christoballs @ 9/14/2021 01:06 commented on Cherry Blossom

Christoballs @ 9/14/2021 00:59 commented on Cherry Blossom

Version sans glasses:

chimp_chomper's piece, You woodn't miss the first day of school... wood you?

You woodn't miss the first day of school... wood you?  
Which I had not seen in the queue and accidentally left out. It's a charming piece and I'm sorry it's happened  

Christoballs @ 9/11/2021 07:54 commented on Monsters go back to school

Cool characters! I'd like to know more about them now

Christoballs @ 9/10/2021 02:02 commented on Abby Time Bubble!

Rotation looks pretty smooth indeed :]

Christoballs @ 9/10/2021 01:40 commented on Frogfessor Pete Teaches Typing

I love this! You did a good job with the palette

Christoballs @ 9/10/2021 01:39 commented on A sprout.

Marvelous light in this piece

Christoballs @ 9/9/2021 07:03 commented on Cyber babe NPC

I like the arm motion, considering the foreshortening!
Watch out for your preview icon, it isn't pixel art. I would suggest changing it, and perhaps adding a NSFW tag.

Christoballs @ 9/9/2021 07:01 commented on Zombies Ate My Teacher (Mockup)

Wow, good job considering the palette!

Christoballs @ 9/8/2021 06:15 commented on Firefox

Carnivac and Mermaid have made some cool pieces with this palette, if it helps!

Christoballs @ 9/6/2021 00:08 commented on Madonna of Death

I can imagine it being quite traumatic Cool piece.

Christoballs @ 9/4/2021 02:55 commented on Monumentum - title

Looks amazing, and I have no issue with the dithering - I think it's a core part of the charm of your work! Going to have to grab the .prg to check it out on my C64

Christoballs @ 9/3/2021 09:43 commented on Alien Apparat

Really nice, love the old school aesthetic. Good to see more pieces from you on PJ

Christoballs @ 9/3/2021 07:52 commented on Shocked egg

I think it's awesome you were shoulder to shoulder with DawnBringer... here's to a pole position next time

Christoballs @ 9/3/2021 07:27 commented on Shocked egg

Congratulations everybody!

Christoballs @ 9/2/2021 06:22 commented on Gentle Spring

It was nice being able to see its WIP on the server. Looks great!

Christoballs @ 9/2/2021 06:18 commented on anxious

Christoballs @ 9/1/2021 06:17 commented on Value

This is cool, love the texture on the character!

Christoballs @ 8/31/2021 00:51 commented on doug

Interesting stuff happening in the background!

Christoballs @ 8/29/2021 01:00 commented on Shrooms

Behelit vibes from these :D

Christoballs @ 8/29/2021 00:59 commented on Assembly 64 splash screen

The feathers are incredible.

Christoballs @ 8/29/2021 00:57 commented on Killing Spree

Remember seeing this at Gubbdata! Really cute