Christoballs @ 2/27/2021 08:05 commented on Big Bird

bon anniversaire manu !

Christoballs @ 2/27/2021 04:28 commented on Warrior Link

Hella thicc!

Christoballs @ 2/27/2021 04:27 commented on Power Suit Link

Nice to have you back, pistachio!

Christoballs @ 2/24/2021 14:39 commented on Two thousand years latter

Nice landscape! Would you mind re-uploading at 100%? Thank you :)

Christoballs @ 2/23/2021 09:53 commented on self portrait

feelin blue, perfectly understandable

Christoballs @ 2/22/2021 02:25 commented on Control - C64 Style [Weekly]

I think the reflections work great!

Christoballs @ 2/22/2021 02:24 commented on Animal Crossing De-make

Very cute entry! I like how you used the palette in this

Christoballs @ 2/21/2021 14:41 commented on Deep Rock Boulderdash

Lover the way you imagined this game as a demake. Great entry

Christoballs @ 2/21/2021 14:40 commented on The Gate

I like it, it feels like it's in a jungle and overgrown

Christoballs @ 2/20/2021 09:33 commented on Silent Hill 4 Demake

I'd play this

Christoballs @ 2/20/2021 02:47 commented on Hidden Beach

I somehow missed this piece. Love the detail and richness in texture

Christoballs @ 2/19/2021 15:55 commented on Mythos Compendium

I am a big fan of your sprites, and this pleases me.

Christoballs @ 2/19/2021 10:01 commented on XCOM 2 C64 Demake

This looks fantastic, the scroll sells it for me. Great entry!

Christoballs @ 2/19/2021 08:21 commented on dark prince

Welcome to PixelJoint!
I was very intrigued when I saw this piece in the public queue.
The lighting and and palette give an ominous mood to the piece, and the design of the dark prince is pretty creepy, too.
Looking forward to seeing more from you! I think I came across your portfolio recently and I enjoyed going through your work - can't wait to see how that would translate into pixel art.

Christoballs @ 2/19/2021 08:06 commented on Yoku - c64 demake

Nice one! Love that part with the torch

Christoballs @ 2/18/2021 15:34 commented on Fishing Robot

I like that robot

Christoballs @ 2/18/2021 01:05 commented on Project Smashbit 1

Samus is my fave out of the six, you did a great job

Christoballs @ 2/18/2021 01:00 commented on Shambler (Quake)

Love the rendering around the mouth especially, and that palette is Quake-y.

Christoballs @ 2/18/2021 00:59 commented on Amigara Fault Self Portrait

My curiosity is piqued! I intended to but haven't tried 9bit colour depth yet, but since it is pretty easy to set up in GrafX2, I will definitely give Atari ST specs a go!

Christoballs @ 2/17/2021 17:20 commented on Amigara Fault Self Portrait

Thank you, I am flattered!
I intended to make a far more naturalistic piece at first, but I decided otherwise.

Regarding the palette, I was going for a slight grisaille look, into which I added some purple and teal for more colour contrast. It's true that in some white skins you do get to these colours, as well as greys and greens.

It was the first time I worked in 12bit colour, which means that there are 16 steps per colour channel - the consequence is that there were fewer tones to use than in the usual 24bit. I really struggled finding in-between colours and balancing the palette as I was building it. The line shading was partly done to compensate for the too wide a stepping in the colours...

I will definitely make more Amiga/12bit pieces in future, and that colour depth may even interest you! :)

Christoballs @ 2/17/2021 13:58 commented on Weekly Challenge: C64 Demake

Love that fish sprite. Great entry

Christoballs @ 2/17/2021 13:54 commented on Amigara Fault Self Portrait
This 3D print of mine!

Christoballs @ 2/17/2021 10:17 commented on Tree study

Interesting, reminds me of the way Jetrel has made trees, especially for Frogatto!

Christoballs @ 2/17/2021 04:20 commented on They Who Have Eyes

Is this all textmode? I love the font, either way :v

Christoballs @ 2/16/2021 15:11 commented on Planet Iso Tiles

Love the Space Odyssey and Robbie tiles