Xion Night @ 6/21/2011 14:08 commented on Speedster

egad you're right carnivac! how did I miss that

Xion Night @ 5/28/2011 12:23 commented on From the Catacombs

oh man I wish I were smart enough to make it randomly pixel armor for me :P

It just randomly chooses and colors different pieces, based on the armor's attributes (eg. fire-imbued armor will tend to have red/yellow hues, and magic armor has pink hilights, etc.)

thanks opacus, ego :)

Xion Night @ 5/3/2010 23:09 commented on New Orion

ev; gray noted, transparency added.

Adarias; no mistake. I like it :)

Mis-Bug; I think I tried adding movement to the collar but I couldn't get happy with it. It made him move too much, I think.

everyone else: Thanks alot :D

Xion Night @ 9/25/2009 23:13 commented on Never Hixel Angry

a more backgroundy background would be neat and look more finished. 

Xion Night @ 9/23/2009 14:01 commented on Hero 1 - Nornik

oh I think I see what's going on with the arms now. 

Xion Night @ 9/22/2009 19:38 commented on Hero 1 - Nornik

face was a bit hard to read at first, especially with it getting covered completely by the shield for so long and often, and it's a bit hard to follow his arms, it seems, particularly when the blade goes behind the head.

the actual motion and rendering etc is all real sweet, though.

Xion Night @ 9/22/2009 14:27 commented on Womanly Me

It's cool if you find it disturbing, man. I do. :P

But yeah, like Manjaman said, the kind of ambiguity in the degree of womanness is kind of intentional (kind of). I mean I didn't aim for making her ugly on purpose or something, but I wasn't going for an over-sexualized womany woman or anything, yeah? Just how I'd envision myself were I a woman. Imperfect, sure, maybe even a little butch, but yeah, the ladies come in all shapes and sizes, you know?

And thanks for all the praise and stuff guys :) I dunno about near perfect, Manjaman, but thanks alot (don't look too deeply into the mushroom thing, I just needed an explanation for the green lightsource :P )


Xion Night @ 9/22/2009 14:17 commented on Bob-omb

Aaaah! This is too cool. Most energetic bob-omb ever. Awesomesauce.

Xion Night @ 9/15/2009 12:42 commented on Atran

dusty: yeah that's actually a problem I always have with 8 dir characters. Really need to work on that. Think maybe the side view head could be turned away more...

Eh, I'll fix it next time I do something 8 directional. Kinda done with this one :P

Xion Night @ 9/15/2009 10:50 commented on Happy Birthday GraFX2

Oh me oh my, this is hotness all up in my eyes.

Xion Night @ 9/14/2009 14:39 commented on Atran

Thanks all :D

Tadashi; Snap, son, I didn't recognize you with that name. ilu2

Silver; Woah it kind of does :0

Xion Night @ 9/12/2009 12:43 commented on Atran

thanks dudes

lollige; just fun.

badass; you're not the first to mention the pokemon similarity but I totally wasn't thinking of that when I made it.

Xion Night @ 3/18/2009 13:53 commented on The Time of Your Life is Running Out of Itself.

Er, no it doesn't?

Xion Night @ 8/24/2007 20:10 commented on famous last words..
I love the way the tank's got revolvers.
Cowboy seems to lean a bit much though.
Still, ossum.

Xion Night @ 8/14/2007 14:57 commented on Rust Mesa
How is it not finished?

Xion Night @ 8/6/2007 14:05 commented on Orion
DJD: Yep, probably Punaji. I still haven't finished that mockup.

Thanks everyone :D

Xion Night @ 7/30/2007 22:19 commented on Steve Austin
Waaay too much body movement. Jittery. Jittery legs, too. Looks weird, like the thighs stay in one place without moving. What's even weirder is that he's stepping in time to the music I'm listening to right now. :O

Xion Night @ 7/29/2007 13:40 commented on Hey! There's merfolk in my water!
this is awesome. Win

Xion Night @ 7/13/2007 10:56 commented on Buratino
Why are you so awesome? I mean seriously, man, why?

Xion Night @ 7/5/2007 20:31 commented on Lintricha(And link trying 2 date her)
NOOOO! I was going to do link. :(
Cool workin's tho.

Xion Night @ 7/1/2007 23:44 commented on Fatal Fury URBAN
Haha, pmprog, I believe he was joking. ;)


Xion Night @ 6/25/2007 18:19 commented on Return From Lambeth Palace
That spot by the butt of the farthest rider looks like a surprised cube.
Awesome though. Me gusta.

Xion Night @ 6/25/2007 15:58 commented on Eerie windy windmill hill
Not a fan of the grass or clouds, but geez, man, this is awesome! Sweet windmills.

Xion Night @ 6/22/2007 23:19 commented on Manlord!
yeah, man, pretty awesome.
Sheperd version looks sorta off-balance.

Xion Night @ 6/21/2007 18:51 commented on Evil Bomb
The lines are indeed by me.
And indeed, the contrast is low, and it looks more like a cork in a burlap head with a string attached than an evil bomb.