Tenebrae @ 12/17/2020 03:53 commented on Sentry

Thanks a bunch Theoden :)

Tenebrae @ 11/4/2020 02:58 commented on Big Bird

Contour tool in Aseprite is such an amazing time saver.

Tenebrae @ 10/20/2020 22:42 commented on --

lol very nice work. Yeah I never saw this either, found it through reading the chat or else I would never have known about it.

Tenebrae @ 10/19/2020 05:26 commented on Big Bird

Oh yeah, nothing wrong with the challenges itself. I'd already roughed mine out...but then boom suddenly it was Sunday and I prefer to try make something special.  No shortage of entries though. :) 

Tenebrae @ 10/19/2020 00:50 commented on Big Bird

*Sigh* had to bow out this week, between non-pixel comish', studies and kid...just too much going on. I'm loving the entries though.

Tenebrae @ 10/13/2020 11:03 commented on Big Bird

Giallo itself is a specific type of italian horror. It's defined by various tropes,  the biggest of which I would say is it's very gory close up murders. Giallo's are really a type of slasher with not much of a supernatural element, but are so dark and grim that they were classed as horrors.

Suspiria and it's sequel are italian horrors with giallo elements. I would personally choose Suspiria as a great starting point. Others I would recommend would be Inferno (after Suspiria) and The Church. I also enjoyed Deep Red, Tenebrae and Bird with the Crystal Plumage (but that can be a bit ponderous) ooh and Demons of course!

All of those are Argento films. Another big name in Italian Horror is Fulci...but try as I might I have never been able to get into his movies. I think you either love him or hate him. I just cannot stand his characters, plots and pacing.

I also -really- enjoy Italian shlock stuff, like Nightmare City, Burial Grounds and Alien 2: On Earth and Alien Contamination. Those are all over the top and fun.

Tenebrae @ 10/13/2020 05:37 commented on Big Bird

Inferno and Suspiria are actually my favorite movies of his. :) I do enjoy Tenebrae, but I also love the word.

Not a fan of his newer stuff at all, did not enjoy Mother of Tears one bit.

Tenebrae @ 10/12/2020 23:51 commented on Big Bird

Heh, it does! I'm a big fan of the Argento movie of the same name.

Your username is interesting too.........

Tenebrae @ 10/8/2020 09:46 commented on Big Bird

Just submitted mine a bit earlier, feels good to be taking part. :) 

Tenebrae @ 10/7/2020 22:04 commented on Octobit 2020 Too Many Eyes

Thanks I will in the future. I fiddled with this one a lot, -supposed- to do these in just one day so in the end I had to cut my losses and move on. (Daily challenge prompt list)

Tenebrae @ 11/20/2018 11:24 commented on Minotaur Boss

Likewise! I was busy with other work, but pixels remain my passion. :) 

Tenebrae @ 11/20/2018 05:15 commented on RED ROBOT ON FIRE

Got it now, proper top-down!

Tenebrae @ 11/20/2018 00:02 commented on RED ROBOT ON FIRE

Er, just a point, the top down view link is not working for me. (I wanted to check the briefs definition of top-down)

I'm getting a Error 0004. Unable to load the image. Just me?

Tenebrae @ 11/19/2018 23:25 commented on RED ROBOT ON FIRE

I'm in. I will bring the cucumber sandwiches and LSD.

Tenebrae @ 2/15/2018 19:49 commented on Bully!

Oh dear. :/ Pity, don't have time to redo it. Guess I will just submit it as a regular piece then. Thanks though :)

Tenebrae @ 2/15/2018 13:33 commented on A Steven Warrior

Small world though. I was on staff on CA and am still helping out there. (Even though it's a shadow of its former self.)

I'm guessing you must have Paul Bonners "Out of the Forest" artbook? One of my prize posessions.

Tenebrae @ 2/14/2018 01:52 commented on A Steven Warrior

Yeah man, I dig the 'stache!

Tenebrae @ 2/14/2018 00:51 commented on Big Bird

I was so hesitant to reply to that comment surt, before I read the chat in full. I'm glad you were not serious. :D :D :D 

That is one of the most awful things I've seen in a long time. I'm not even kidding. 

Tenebrae @ 2/13/2018 11:30 commented on Big Bird

Playing Amiga GODS by Bitmap Bros.

This game...its so incredible. The art style, the atmosphere...the visuals are so amazing. Nothing else like it and remains as beautiful as ever. Into the Wonderful!

Tenebrae @ 2/13/2018 06:15 commented on A Steven Warrior

Yes, looking forward to some monkey business with this and a coffee tonight!

Tenebrae @ 2/12/2018 13:21 commented on Wee Mee

Woo! Real life killed me this past week, but definitely want in on this shiz.

Tenebrae @ 2/12/2018 09:02 commented on Big Bird

Well a big thanks to them and you, it was exactly what I set out to find today.

Tenebrae @ 2/12/2018 05:23 commented on Big Bird

Hahaha I figured :D 

Do you use it DawnBringer?

Let me guess, you probably made it. (After viewing your profile)

It would be just the kind of foot in mouth internet scenario that I specalise in!

Tenebrae @ 2/11/2018 23:42 commented on Big Bird

I just discovered this! Probably old news to a lot of folks here, I'm excited to check it out. A free Deluxe Paint clone for windows

Tenebrae @ 2/11/2018 23:41 commented on Big Bird

As a long time fan of Ultima 8 also still has a special place in my heart. I maintain it's a great game, just not a great ultima game. Wondeful isometric viewpoint and fantastic music.