Bloo @ 6/18/2011 18:55 commented on protecteur

Very smooth animation! And the spear and cape movement, wow.

Bloo @ 4/9/2010 06:06 commented on Tagada strawberry

Sweet, the animation rocks, and like the others said, the loop is great. It reminds me oddly of a commercial or something :D

Bloo @ 11/29/2008 06:09 commented on bolts and screws.
I think this is your best piece so far, but I know you'll improve if you read a little more tutorials on coloring and AAing :)

Bloo @ 11/29/2008 06:08 commented on Who stole my nose?
You need to fix the outline.

Bloo @ 11/29/2008 06:05 commented on Voodoo Doll
then why not give me some tips if you think it lacks something?

Bloo @ 10/3/2008 01:29 commented on (WIP) mockup
this should be in the forums.

Bloo @ 10/1/2008 04:25 commented on the animated faeces part2
on the first slot you insert the preview image, on the second slot the whole image.

Bloo @ 10/1/2008 03:04 commented on the animated faeces part2
this is better!  But why submit it 2 times??? That's the only problem now.

Bloo @ 10/1/2008 01:00 commented on PooPue
sorry tuh burst your bubble but, it doesn't look like poo at all. Needs shape (i think)

Bloo @ 9/30/2008 23:58 commented on Pewp by bisque
submit only YOUR work! You don't have to upload someone else's just to use it, you know :/

Bloo @ 9/30/2008 23:56 commented on Hamburger
a... little static for me; could use more frames. Also, remove outer AA.

Bloo @ 9/30/2008 19:03 commented on No avatar - my avatar
u have to delete this. unless of course, u had permission o_o

Bloo @ 9/30/2008 19:02 commented on Neo Rustbug
the colors u used on this one are perfect n da animations are cool too!

Bloo @ 9/30/2008 05:44 commented on Pixel-Puss Worm
this is very well done, but makes me wanna puke

Bloo @ 9/30/2008 05:42 commented on Decap'd default av
Congrats Jinn! Getting lots o wins lately, now, aren't we? ;)

Bloo @ 9/27/2008 17:21 commented on Daxter the British Chipper
whadya mean??? 

Bloo @ 9/27/2008 17:18 commented on Interchangable Avatar
I LUV IT!!! +fav

(imagine I'm saying this like Cheese from Fosters Home fer Imaginary Freinds, lol)

Bloo @ 9/27/2008 09:10 commented on Rabid: Running Northeast
the size is too big. maximum avatar size is 64x64

Bloo @ 9/27/2008 08:55 commented on Rawr.. Lol
Fool always ends up on first place XD  He needs a bigger trophy case by now!

Bloo @ 9/26/2008 06:06 commented on Street Casino - KingMaker avatars
st0ven? I love his artwork, too bad he's gone =(

Bloo @ 9/26/2008 03:41 commented on Cutie Pet Collection -Pika
why need to comment when you're gonna say something like that. huh?!?

Some people are just f****** dumb

btw, his is great, luve it.

Bloo @ 9/26/2008 03:01 commented on Big Bird
tablets are awesome. nuff said.

Bloo @ 9/23/2008 02:27 commented on Bisque Tribute: Redux
what do you mean?

Bloo @ 9/21/2008 04:57 commented on Animation-Ketchup Love
you know, I saw this on a website being redistributed... And now that I know it's yours, I'm very angry!!! There are many thieves around the web...

Bloo @ 9/18/2008 22:40 commented on meh jesses icon :P
The tools you're only allowed to use in PA are pencil tool, paint bucket tool & eraser.